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Getting started checklist
Getting started checklist
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Your Checklist for getting started

Let's take a few essential steps together!

We are going to to follow the checklists below, and give you a good entrance to the platform. By the end we are ready to dive into our tools.

If you prefer to jump right in and start working, the account is prepared for you to do so.

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Login and Users

1. Log in

Start by setting a password and log into your account. The full procedure is described in the article First time logging in.

2. Profile settings

Once you logged in, go to Account settings to check or adjust your User Profile settings.

3. Invite Users

Invite colleagues to work with you. Add Users and decide the roles and permissions.

Read more about User Management here.

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Set up Account

1. Name your Section

A Section is automatically created on your account, named "Default". It's a good idea choose a more descriptive name. Read how to in the About Sections article.

2. Create a Subscription

A Subscription is a record of Profiles. A Subscription needs to be in place in order to import Profiles to your account. Organise your Audience with Subscriptions and Folders.

3. Set up Attributes

Attributes are data fields containing for example name, email and phone number. They are used for personalising marketing activities. The Attributes you create is a part of your Data model. Consider what data you want to store and how to store it.

Now, two tasks:

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Get Profile data into your Account

You are now ready to get Profiles into your account!

A quick and easy start is to import Profiles form a file. With the File import wizard you quickly import many Profiles at once. We suggest you start there!

Watch the video instruction below, or have a look at the Add and update Profiles article.

Watch Video - File import

Other collecting methods are found below, expand to read more.

Sign-up form

Profiles can also be collected with a sign-up form. Create a customised Form in the Form & Pages tool, to gather the exact Profile data that you need. The form can be published for example on your website. Create a Sign-up Form.

Want to enrich Audience further with Integrations?

By integrating our platform with your other systems, you avoid working in silos. You ensure the data you use for marketing activities is relevant and up-to-date.

CRM Integrations - Gives you have the holistic access to behavioral data, Events, and all the tools necessary to create personalized, targeted marketing campaigns.

CMS Integrations - Allows you to use the Segments you create in your Audience to tailor the content that is shown to visitors browsing your website.

Ecommerce Integrations - We sync your store data to your Audience, making it easy for you to access all of the features and data you need - in one place.

Playable - allows you to target your prospects and subscribers through fun games, promote meaningful interactions, and expand the data you collect.

Start your Marketing activities!

Good job! Now that you have a Subscription with Profiles in place, start creating marketing activities.

Why not setting up an automated Email flow with Marketing Automation? Maybe combining your email campaign with SMS sendouts?

We are here for you, in case you need any support along the way.


Email tool

Email tool is developed to make it easy to create professional email campaigns with straightforward, on-brand design. Templates and Assets serve here as time valuable savers.

SMS tool

SMS is the most direct and personal touchpoint within digital marketing. It is one of the most economical marketing techniques and very powerful as a compliment to emails.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation tool will make it easy to plan and automate every stage of the customer journey. From lead generation and welcome messages to customer retention, churn prevention and re-engagement campaigns.

Forms & Pages tool

Forms are special pages designed to collect and update visitor's consent for communications, and provide special downloadable content. You can also create landing pages that provides extra space for your content.

Website tracking

You can feed data into you Audience with web tracking or by integrating our platform with your other systems.

Install the tracking script on your website and it will feed data into your Audience. The script can track for example, website behavior, browsing data, cookies and emails submitted in sign-up bars.

Event tool

Event tool helps you to plan and administer events. Invitations, registrations

and attendee list are managed in a simple and automated way.

With Event tool, you also set ground for valuable opportunities

of future marketing activities.

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