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Welcome to Event tool!

Event tool helps you to plan and administer events. Invitations, registrations

and attendee list are managed in a simple and automated way.

Set up all your Event Sessions and schedule activities

- sit back and let Event tool do the job!

Using Event tool, you also set ground for valuable opportunities

of future marketing activities.

Key activities

Event sessions

Set up one or several Sessions for your Event. Set maximum number of Attendees, registration period and limit of guests the invitees may bring.

Registration form

Create and design a Registration form in a few steps. Collect essential information about the Attendees, for example Event Session, company and allergies.

Invitations and Reminders

Customise and schedule invitation emails, confirmations and reminders that will be sent to invitees at the proper time.

Monitor Event and manage Attendees

As registrations are coming in, you can easily keep track of Attendees. You can manually manage the Attendee list by changing data and Session status.

Use Data from Event in Marketing Automation

All data from the Events is stored on Profiles - giving you the opportunity to use the insights from the Events to create great customer journeys with Marketing Automation.

Event Tool: Full Lesson

Watch a full lesson on how to use the Event tool (17 min). Let Carina guide you through the tool step-by-step and best practices.

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