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About APSIS One Ecommerce Integrations
About APSIS One Ecommerce Integrations
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About Ecommerce Integrations

Integrating your Ecommerce platform with APSIS One is a good alternative for APSIS One users who have multiple Ecommerce platforms, as well as for those without an Ecom add-on but wish to feed their Ecommerce data into APSIS One Profiles in Audience.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Advertising, Analytics & Business Intelligence Integrations for APSIS One.

How do Ecommerce Integrations work?

APSIS One's Ecommerce integrations allow for a full, real-time sync between your Ecommerce platform and Audience. All of your Ecommerce data, live. Synchronise subscribers and customers into Profiles and populate them with their behavioural events as well as informative sales data such as "average order value", "number of orders placed" and more.

How do Ecommerce Integrations simplify your day to day?

Real, live data will be fed from your Ecommerce platform into APSIS One. Then it will become available for you to create Segments in Audience!

Send highly personalised emails and SMS communications based on everything from purchase history to customer behaviour events. Also, you can then use Profile data to categorise, target, and manage customer groups based on multiple Ecommerce data points like a sign-up date, purchase history, and other demographic information.

You can increase your business' conversion rate by motivating Profiles to recover their abandoned carts by sending cart reminders using easily customisable email templates from APSIS One's Email tool.

APSIS One's Ecommerce Integrations support multiple online stores, so you can adjust data mapping, settings and advanced options for every online store you manage.

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