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Why Integrate with APSIS One?
Why Integrate with APSIS One?
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Why Integrate with APSIS One?

Unify all your data to create seamless customer journeys. Integrate with the platforms you use to run your business. Check out our out-of-the-box integrations below or learn more about our API.

Integrate your CRM, CMS, or Ecommerce platform and focus on creating a streamlined customer experience, and enjoying higher engagement with all your Profiles.

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Benefits of integrating

Enrich your Audience and keep Profile and Consent data updated at all times, with full sync and real-time sync on all recent changes.

  • Eliminate data silos in your business, and combine all your information in one place.

  • Keep Profile data updated at all times.

  • Use Crucial CRM Data to create rich Segments in APSIS One and personalise your marketing campign across email, SMSm and website.

  • Create an activity in the CRM for Sales to take action if a customers falls into inactivity.

  • Act immediately with recurring synchronisation and create automated flows to prevent churn or onboard your new customers.

Available Integrations

APSIS One already supports a number of native integrations, so you can get started right away with unifying all your data.

CMS Integrations

Your website is a goldmine of rich behavioral data. By connecting your CMS platform with APSIS One, you'll be able to create meaningful digital experiences across all channels. Learn more about CMS integrations or jump to the one relevant to your business:

CRM Integrations

With an CRM integration you increase organisational efficiency. It helps you gain a clear understanding of your customers and their needs. Learn more about CRM integrations.

Ecommerce Integrations

Make purchasing from your online store more personal by connecting APSIS One with your Ecommerce platform. Activate communication flows with your customers based on purchase data, granular browsing behaviour and much more.

Lead Generation Integrations

Collect lead with rich gamification with Playable or Sleeknote.

Get Started with Integrations

You can access the Integrations tab in the Icon menu on the left. Contact your account manager to buy the integration you're interested in.

APSIS One Integrations are Section-specific. This means that all of your different systems will be feeding Profile data into your APSIS One account, and this data will be divided according to the Section you chose for your integration

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