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About APSIS One CRM Integrations
About APSIS One CRM Integrations
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Integrating your CRM with APSIS One makes it easy to configure and manage how data and information should flow back and forth between them. These integrations are coming soon, so it's time to learn more about how they will benefit you as an APSIS One user.

This way, you can ensure that all your APSIS One users have the customer data they need for different activities. Stay on top of the results of your campaigns by having all your Profiles' response data in one place!.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Ecommerce, Advertising, Analytics & Business Intelligence Integrations for APSIS One.

How do CRM Integrations work?

For many companies, the CRM is a central technology driving the Sales, Marketing and Support processes. They allow you to focus your company strategy around your customers, identify potential clients, and offer personalised services in order to retain customers, and create better interactions.

From a digital marketing perspective, CRMs are too limited in their functionality and businesses often resort to setting up separate systems to manage their day to day activities. This results in data silos, where customer data is not synchronised.

APSIS One provides you a great opportunity to remove this silo with its varied CRM Integrations. All siloed customer data now becomes Profile data in APSIS One.

How does this benefit you?

  • Sync CRM contacts with APSIS One Profiles via full sync and real-time sync on all recent changes including Channel Consent mappings and other conditions.

  • View APSIS One Profile data directly in the CRM.

  • Use your CRM's Marketing lists and segments in APSIS One email activities.

  • Create follow up activities in your CRM based on APSIS One data via the Marketing Automation tool, like notifying a contact's owner when the Profile matches a Segment.

  • Manage your CRM's follow up activities like emails, phone calls and meetings and trigger various Marketing Automation flows.

  • Create contacts in your CRM as Profiles are created in your APSIS One account via the Forms & Pages tool.

  • Create Custom Events for relevant, personalised data, useful for your business.

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