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Event tool: Registration form
Event tool: Registration form
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Event tool: Registration form

The Event Registration form, allows you to collect necessary information from the Attendees. Before composing the form, start by considering:

  • What information do I need from the Attendees?

  • Where do I store that incoming data?

In this Article

Registration process

On the Registration form page, you create and design a Registration form
(that will be linked to in the Invitation Email)

This is the Event registration process, the Attendees will go through:

1. Invitees receive an Invitation email with a link to the Registration form.
By submitting the Form they register to the Event.

2. Attendees receive a Confirmation email.

3. Attendees is put on Event Attendee list.

4. Session reminder Emails are sent to registered Attendees.

5. Registration reminders Emails are sent to invitees that have not yet registered.

The Template

The Registration form Template is automatically generated when one or more Sessions require Attendees to register.

You can add any other necessary information (drag in fields from the Design panel on the right), or edit the existing fields. It is already populated with some collecting fields, the list of Sessions and Submit button. Here is some information about those elements.

Event Sessions Element

The Registration form Template contains a an Element with the list of Event Sessions created. The Radio buttons allow Attendees to only register to only one Session.

This field can not be removed, only moved around.

Submit button

The Submit button holds a link that will direct the invitee to a Confirmation Landing page (that is editable). Read more about the Landing pages in the Event tool: Overview.

Composing the Registration form

It is time to add form fields into the Canvas. Every field needs to be mapped, in order to store the data. You map them to either Attributes or Customed data fields.

Collecting data

Select the form fields you need to collect the information you want to gather, such as name, profession and phone number.

Drag and drop Collect elements from the menu on the right.

Edit by selecting Element in the Canvas and use design options to the right.

Read more about form design features in the Creating a Form article.

Mapping data

Each Collect element must now be mapped in order to store the incoming data. Select the field in the Canvas and map it with the checkboxes in the column to the right.

There are two options to store the data: as an Attribute or as Custom data.

Whether to store data as an Attribute or as Custom data, all depends on how you plan to use the data in the future.

Map to Attributes or Custom data?


Attributes are containers of Profile information. Map the fields with essential Profile information to an Attribute. For example, profession, city, birthdate. Attributes added to a Profile can be used for segmentation and personalisation purposes.

The predefined elements are mapped by default to Attributes.

Custom data

Custom data are “local” Event-specific containers created in the Event tool. The data is stored in Profiles. Use Custom data to store event specific data, data you don't want to store for the future as a "life-long" Attribute.

For example, allergies, T-shirt size, food preferences. Custom data are stored on each Profile as Profile events and can be used for segmentation purposes.

💡Tip! You can export Custom data and Attributes with the list of Attendees.

Add Custom data

Add new Custom data in the right column of the form editor.

In order to select Map to Custom data, you must Untick the Map to Attribute checkbox.

When you have added and mapped all fields you want to include, check out Settings and Preview in the bottom bar.

Settings and Preview

When completing the Registration form, remember to visit Settings in the bottom bar. Here are possibilities to adjust the form design, validation settings and add hidden values. Read more about the Form Settings here!

Preview the form to see what it will look like on desktop and mobile (bottom bar).

When ready, click Next step to proceed to Event tool: Sendings.

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