Forms: Submit Button element
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Forms: Submit Button element

The Submit button is essential to any Forms activity!

When visitors click the Submit button, they will submit responses to your Form, which will be added into their Profiles, enriching your Audience data.

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Submit button

1. Place a Submit button element into the Canvas.

2. Edit text directly in the Canvas. You can only use one Submit button per Form.

3. Add a Button name. Fill out the internal name under Submit Button Option to the right, if you prefer. This will name the Row or Column in the Structure panel to the left.

Style, alignment and margins

Set the Border, Radius and Padding by manually entering the measurement in pixels, or click on the icons, hold, and drag them to the left and right to reduce and increase the size.


Select colour for Border and Button with the colour picker, hex code or RGB. To make it transparent, click the X icon next to the color code.

Under Width, choose Fit to match the size of the button to the text, or Full to fill the entire Row or Column.

To increase space before and after the text in the button (but not full width), use the spacer key on your keyboard.

Margins (padding) - max 100 pixels.

Alignment - align the element to the left, center or right.

💡 Tip! The design options work interactively. To change style and margin measurements, hold on to the icon and drag left and right to increase and decrease number of pixels. The sizes will change accordingly in the Canvas!

Do you want to read more about what the visitor encounter after submitting a Form. Head over to Forms Action article.

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