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Forms: Overview and Share
Forms: Overview and Share
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Forms: Overview and Share

In this step you review, publish and share the Form.

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If you would like to change anything, jump back to the menu on the left and choose the step you would like to return to.

Check so that all details are correct. When done, click Publish & Share, to open sharing options. This will not publish the Form, you will be asked to publish after selecting sharing option.

If you'd prefer to save the Form as a draft, click Save as Draft, and it will be moved to the Drafts tab of the Activity page.

Sharing options

Choose how to share the Form. For example, as a link in an email or on your website.

  • Sharable link

  • Iframe

  • New window

  • Slide up

Shareable Link

To create a shareable link to your Form, expand the Shareable Link dropdown and click Copy to copy and paste the URL.

You can use this link anywhere, for example in an email or on a website.

Note: In order to update Profile data more than once with a Form, the Form link has to be re-opened before filling out and submitting the Form again. It will not work to just fill out new data and submit again, without re-opening the link.


To embed the Form via an IFrame, expand the IFrame drop-down and click Copy to copy and paste the snippet into your website's code.

Embed your Form anywhere in your website with this iFrame!

New window

If you'd prefer the Form to open as a new window, expand the New window dropdown and click Copy to copy the HTML code.

Add this HTML code into your website to display the Form to your visitors.

Slide Up

To make the Form appear when the visitor clicks on a custom link, expand the Slide up dropdown, click Copy to copy the script.

Select a specific link in your website and adjust the script with the link before you paste it into the header.

Publishing the Form

After selecting your sharing options(s), click Publish to publish the Form.

If you want to unpublish the Form, go to the Forms and Pages start page. Select Form and hit the Pause in the bottom bar.

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