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About Account settings
About Account settings
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About Account settings

As Account Owner or Admin User you can managing the way data is structured and gathered in each Section of the Account.

Locate Settings in the top right corner by clicking your Profile Icon.

The following section requires a certain familiarity with Audience. This knowledge will help you ensure the settings are aligned with your privacy policy, your brand, as well as your marketing goals and efforts.

If you are not an Account Owner or Admin User, please contact someone in this role in your organisation, in order to manage User Roles.

Key activities


Manage and create new Sections. Use Sections to divide the account based on how you wish to store data.

Data model

Set up the Data model for each Section. Create Custom Attributes, Tags and Custom Events. This data will be stored on Profiles and will be available for Segmentation and personalisation. Read about Data model here.

Website tracking

Use the tracking script to capture valuable browsing data about visitors who accepted your marketing cookies. Read about Tracking script here.

Domains and Languages

Manage the domains and language settings you track with the tracking script.


Manage cookie life time and Person detection settings. Read about Cookies here.

User management

Invite your team mates and manage permissions. Learn about User management here.

Profile setting

Manage settings for you own user. Read more about Profile settings.

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