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A domain is a website that corresponds with your brand and belongs to your business. It is added into your account as a part of a Section.

In the Section, Account Owners or Admin Users can set up preferences related to Attributes and Tags, and find the Tracking Script. Read more about the User roles and Permissions here.

To learn more about the Tracking Script before you implement it in your website, go to the Tracking script article.

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Public domain suffixes

When setting up your domains and Tracking Script, it's important to consider your website's public suffix. A public suffix is a catalog providing suffixes (.com, for example) under which domains can be registered.

To ensure that your domain and Tracking Script will communicate effectively, and that data is transferred seamlessly into your account, please review the following list of public suffixes. The website is updated and maintained as a community resource, and is an initiative of Mozilla.

Take a look at the list here, or paste this address into your browser to verify your domain:

Adding a Domain

1. Select a Section in your Account Settings.

2. The Domains & Languages tab will be the first one to open.

3. Enter a name to identify your domain under Domain name, and the address to your website under URL.

To ensure that the domain will work effectively, enter your URL in the following format: "", "".

4. Click Verify.

Your domain will initially show as pending until the Tracking Script is installed and detected by the platform. When it has been verified, it will show as verified.


Once you save your domain, you can Add Tracking and start collecting visitor data from those who browse your page. If you don't intend to add multiple languages, you can set up tracking for the whole domain.


If your domain supports multiple language support, you will need to set up your language options. Website tool activities will use these languages in order to display the right activities for the right language, displayed in your domain.

Complete the tracking setup by adding tracking to the domain.

For guiding, see the Installing Tracking script article.

Domain status

Here you can see whether the Tracking Script has been successfully installed in your domain(s). It may take up to one hour for the status to update.

Hover over the information icon to see what each status means.

Here is what all the statuses means:

Is something wrong?

Double-check that you installed your Tracking Script properly.

If it still doesn't work, please contact Support.

Editing a Domain

1. Locate the domain you wish to edit.

2. Click on the pencil icon on the right end of the domain name container.

3. Make your changes and click Save.

Deleting a Domain

1. Locate the domain you wish to remove and click on the X icon on the right end of the domain name container.

2. Are you sure you wish to delete this domain? If yes, click Delete. Otherwise, click Cancel.

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