Tracking script
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Tracking script

The Tracking Script is a piece of code that allows your website to feed data into your account.

For us to gather data and give you fitting insights, you must install the script. It will be used to gather web statistics for your websites and enriches your Audience. It will also allow us to display the Cookie banners and Sign-up bars created in your account.

After adding and verifying your domains and languages, you'll see an option to add Tracking script. This is where you copy the script that need to be placed into your website.

Installing Tracking script

In order for this feature to work as intended, make sure that you've installed the Tracking Script and have an active Cookie Banner. Learn more about the Tracking Script, how to Install the Tracking Script and connect your own cookie banner.

Note: If you have multiple languages set up for your domain, you will have to add tracking for each language. The option to Add Tracking will be shown once you save your language.

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