Email Templates
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Email Templates

A Template, just as an Assets, is a piece of content saved to be used for future Email activities. While a Template refers to the entire Email, an Asset is one or several Rows, saved as an independent module.

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Why using Templates?

Using Templates will save you a lot of time as you avoid repeating tasks (for example footer, settings, links and logo). This is the best way to create beautiful and effective emails that are consistent with your brand identity!

Create new Template

New Templates are created at the Email tool start page, with the "Create New Template" button. There is also the option to create a Template form a created Email. Let's have a look at the two options!

We'll start with creating a Template from Email tool start page.

1. Go to Templates in the top menu and click Create New Template, top right corner.

2. Give the Template a name.

3. Choose Template to start from. You can choose from Pre-defined, Your templates or Themed.

💡Tip! Promoting your products? Choose a Template that focuses on images and a bold CTA to directing Profiles to your webpage. Sending a newsletter or update? Choose a Template where the Text Element is the main focus.


Designed to give you a helping hand in creating striking Emails that will capture the attention of your subscribers. They are all responsive (look nice in all devices).

Your Templates

Create Template from scratch, or check Templates created by our Creative Services.

Themed Templates

Start quickly with a number of themed or seasonal messages. They are all responsive (look nice in all devices).

💡Tip! “Get inspired” icon - takes you to our Email Design Gallery!

“Request” icon - offers you to send a message to our Creative Services professionals and order a Template that fits your needs. Edit the message draft and hit Submit.

4. Complete your Template in the Email editor with logo, content, design, links and settings.

5. Remember to add an Unsubscribe link, if the Template does not already includes one. Read about Unsubscribe link here.

6. Check Preview and do a test sending to ensure it looks as you wish.

7. When ready, click Finish in the bottom right corner.

Note! Templates created from the Templates page do not contain Data tags based on Attributes (as Attributes are Section specific, and Templates are available across Sections)

Create Template from Email

You can save an Email as a Template. When doing so, the template will save content, design, links and settings.

The Template is to be found on the Email start page, under Templates.

Note: Row Segmentation is not saved in the Template.

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