Optimising Email creation
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Optimising Email creation

Think beyond the first email. When getting started in the Email tool, you should begin with preparing a smashing Template and Asset set-up.

Is this extra work? - No, the opposite! It will actually save you time.

Build your Toolbox

Save valuable time and avoid repetitive work in the Email Editor by creating Assets and Templates.


An Asset is a piece of content, saved for future occasions. For example, header, footer, buttons or an Element with company information.

Essentially, it is a Row, saved as an independent module that can be added to Emails for quick, on-brand content.

Create Assets by clicking "Assets" on the Email tool start page. Go to "Create New Asset", to reach the Asset editor, where you can compose the Asset with design elements.


Create a Template(s) that can be used as the foundation for composing coming emails.

This ground work will help you work efficiently, while maintaining design and branding consistency within all your Email campaigns.

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