Unsubscribe options in Email and SMS. Unsubscribe Your Profiles from account

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It is necessary to provide an opt-out option for all kinds of Email and SMS communication. In this article you can read about the opt-out process for a Profile, and how to set up unsubscribe links in Email and SMS.

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The Opt-out journey

1. An opt-out is when a Profile click the unsubscribe link, either in an SMS message or in an Email.

2. A landing page will open in order for them to confirm they wish to unsubscribe: this will prevent them from accidentally unsubscribing.

3. When confirming the opt-out, the Profile will be removed from all the Subscriptions associated with the specific Email or SMS where they opted out.

Opting out from one or several Subscriptions

If a Profile unsubscribes via an Email or SMS associated with one Subscription, but is subscribed to other Subscriptions (unrelated to that Email or SMS), they will continue to receive communications from the Subscriptions they're still opted-in to.

In order for a Profile to opt-out from one or more entire Folders, they would have to do so by unsubscribing from all Emails associated with the different Subscriptions.

Unsubscribe link

Email Opt-out

In Emails, you need to add a unsubscribe link (if the Template doesn't already includes one). The link will direct the Profile to a Landing page, where the Profile will have to confirm their opt-out with an unsubscribe button. Customise this Landing page in the Email editor Settings. Here is how you add an Email Unsubscribe link, to an Email.

SMS Opt-out

When creating an SMS, you add an Unsubscribe link in the text field by typing: ##unsubscribe##. Proceed to the article about SMS content to read more.

Unsubscribe your Profiles from Subscription

You, as a user, can unsubscribe your Profiles from Subscriptions. Either manually one by one, or do a bulk opt-out with a file import.

Read on how to unsubscribe one Profile at the time in the article about editing a Profile.

To learn about unsubscribing many Profiles at once, go to the article

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