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Create and Send Email - Step By Step
Create and Send Email - Step By Step
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Create and Send Email - Step By Step

Follow the full workflow of creating and sending an Email!

This article follows the seven steps of the menu on the left side in the Email tool.

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Name and Templates

1. To create and send an Email, you must have prepared a Subscription in Audience.

2. When a Subscription is in place, click Create New Email in the top right corner.

3. Give your Email a working name. The name is internal and not displayed to your recipients.

4. Select template for your Email.

Browse the top tabs to chose Template: Pre-defined, themed or one of Your templates. The pre-defined Templates contain a preview and a description in this step.

You can go back here and change template later. But note that your changes then will be lost, unless you save the Email as a template before.

Creating a Template - allows you to save your own Template. This helps maintaining consistency in your sending and save valuable time spent in the editor.

Get inspired - takes you to our Email Design Gallery!

Request - offers you to send a message to our Creative Services professionals and order a Template that fits your needs. Edit the message draft and hit Submit.


This is the Email tool editor. Build the structure of the Email by dragging and dropping Elements and Assets from the Design panel on the right into the Canvas.

Read more about how to use the Elements and Design panel here.

Read more about how the Email is structured with Rows and Columns.

Check out our Best practice tips for creating a successful Email!

Undo or Redo

Easily undo or redo an action while designing by using the Undo or Redo button in the left bottom corner.

Note: If you select a new template after you started designing you will loose your content and it is not possible to undo or redo.

Checklist for designing an Email

Include the following steps in your email preparation:

  1. Drag and drop Elements and Assets into the canvas

  2. Fill elements with content

  3. Add Images (add link and alt text to all images)

  4. Web version link, to offer view in browser

  5. Unsubscribe link

  6. Check the Preview and do test sending

  7. Settings – control sender details, design options, unsubscribe settings and analytics

  8. Subject line and preheader
    This is the first impression in the inbox so give it some thoughts!
    Recommended length subject line 40 characters, and preheader 85-100.

When having completed your Email, click Next step in the bottom right corner. Time to choose what Profiles to send to.

💡 Tip!

  • Use Assets and Templates to work smarty and efficiently in the editor.

  • Personalise with Data tags: fetch demographic data into the Email (Attributes)

  • Use Segments to target audience better

  • Save as template (if you want to reuse the design)

Send To

1. Select Subscription you want send to (in the drop-down).

2. Chose if you want to Exclude duplicates or keep all.

3. Select Segments

You can choose to include or exclude segments.
If adding several segments, select whether to include/exclude Profiles matching any of the segment, or only include/exclude Profiles matching all segments.

4. Select tag(s), if you want to filter by tags.

Chose whether to include/exclude Profiles containing any of the tags, or only include/exclude Profiles containing all tags.

5. Tick the Frequency checkbox if you want exclude Profiles who recently received an Email. Set number of hours.

6. Click Calculate now to check how many Profiles do these settings match.


Check Details so that everything correct. Edit details and include data tags (Attributes) to the subject line and preheader if you prefer.


Schedule the sending by giving it a date and time or choose to send it immediately. If you have scheduled a split sending, this step will not appear. Click Next.

Note: When scheduling an email it will follow the timezone that's in the profile settings. Check and set to the time zone in User Profile.

Should you see a different time in the activity list, the Profile settings will still apply.


Have a last check on the Overview page and click Schedule to schedule your sending.

On the Email Start page you now find the scheduled sending under the

Scheduled & Sent tab.

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