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About Website Tool
About Website Tool
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About Website Tool

With the Website Tool you can setup a simple sign-up bar, create a cookie banner and map product pages on you website to collect relevant data regarding you visitors browsing behaviour.

Key Activities

Collect Product Views

A Product View is a specific event that can be collected every time a visitor visit one of the product pages on your website. With the Website Tool you can map which specific elements to collect from the product page such as product name, price, image, category etc. Learn how to set up a Product View.

Create a Simple Sign-up Bar

A Sign-up Bar in your website will allow you to obtain visitors' Email addresses with their consent. Show quick messages and make it easy for them to subscribe in the spot. The Sign-up Bar can only collect one field. Learn how to create a Sign-up Bar.

To create more elaborate forms head over to our Forms & Pages Tool.

Create a Cookie Banner

Cookie banners are essential to collecting website data. Without an explicit cookie consent no tracking is allowed. You must always display a message regarding cookies in your website for your visitors.

Note: The Cookie Banner created with the Website Tool will only cover the APSIS One cookie. If you have a cookie banner in place already connect it to APSIS One to get started.

How to Publish Website Tool Activities

To publish any Website Tool Activities the Tracking Script and a cookie banner must be installed and connected. Head over to these guides to learn how.

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