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Account settings: Data model

Go to Account Settings and proceed to the Section.

Click on the Data Model tab on the left, to see the Profile data preferences for your Section.

Here, you can review and adjust the types of Profile data collected in your account's Section. With the top tabs, view Attributes, Tags and Custom Events.

Go ahead and set up the structure for how you want to store the data!


Attributes are data fields that usually contain data such as name, location, phone number, Email address or customer status. Create as many as you need in the Data Model and use them for personalisation. Learn more about Attributes.


A tag is like a label or a sticker. Add a tag to Profiles as internal markers of a specific status or with a certain source. Tag can be added or removed – not updated like Attributes.

Custom Events

With Custom Events you can tailor exactly what type of information is collected and stored in your Profiles, providing a richer overview of how Profiles are interacting with your brand.

For more in-depth information about Profile data, head over to Profiles.

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