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About CRM Integrations
About CRM Integrations
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About CRM Integrations

Integrate your marketing efforts with a CRM solution and say goodbye to inconsistent journeys and data silo headaches.

  • Automate the repetitive or impersonal sales activities

  • Help sales follow-up effortlessly and deliver proactive service

  • Learn what your customers like, and how they engage with you

  • Enhance the customer relationship and elevate their experience

Besides our own CRM solution Efficy we offer a range of other CRM integrations. Read on to learn more about them all and they work.

Why CRM Integrations?

For businesses that use CRM systems, it can be an uphill battle to convert the data they collect into the valuable insights that both sales and marketing teams need, to nurture new leads, and retain customers.

CRM systems can be limited when it comes to creating smart Segments, automating your communications, and generating insights about your customer's behavior. When all of this valuable data sits in data silos, and is isolated from your digital marketing efforts.

Integrating CRM with APSIS One is a great opportunity to remove data silos and start making data work for you.

  • Integrating your CRM makes it easy to configure and manage how data and information should flow back and forth between them.

  • Keep Profiles in APSIS One updated with relevant data from the CRM and return insightful response data to the CRM.

Had over to the integration that's relevant to your business and learn more about the specifikations and synkronisation options.

Available CRM integrations

Find all available integrations in the left menu. Choose CRM in the tabs or search for a specifik integration.

Benefits of Synchronising Data

Keep Profile and consent data updated

Enrich your Audience and keep Profile and Consent data updated at all times with full sync and real-time sync on all recent changes.

Create CRM activities

Automatically create activities in the CRM based on any marketing activity.

Follow up

Manage your CRM's follow up activities like emails, phone calls and meetings and trigger various marketing automation flows.

Mange Leads

(In Development): Manage leads generation by create contacts in your CRM as Profiles are created in your APSIS One account via the Forms & Pages tool.

What's Next?

Lead generation (Sleeknote & Playable)

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