About the APSIS One API

There are plenty of methods to integrate your existing platforms and systems with APSIS One. With native integrations, you may seamlessly connect your platform with APSIS One and start syncing data in real-time.

However, you can also use APSIS One API to feed data into Profiles in your account and make the most out of your existing solutions and create customised applications or integrations for APSIS One.

Sync data to and from APSIS One with your own systems and databases, allowing you to create and publish campaigns, manage your Audience Profiles as well as interact with many of the available APSIS One tools and features.

APSIS One's API uses standard HTTP methods, a RESTful resource architecture, OAuth 2.0 protocol and payloads formatted in JSON.

APSIS One's API returns the error code 429 in case maximum rate limit is reached. Any other irregularities, or unexpected use of an APSIS One API, will result in a temporary blockage or limit, which will remain until APSIS has investigated the event and made sure that there will be no negative impact in APSIS One or its users.

APSIS One's API supports request body sizes up to 100KB. When the request payload size goes over that limit, the API will return HTTP 413 status code in the response.

Do you want to create a custom, third-party integration?

You can also click Suggest an Integration on the top right corner in the Integrations tab to share your thoughts with us.


About the API Management tab

Access the API Management tab by opening the Information Centre, going into Account Settings and then clicking on API Management on the left. You must be an Admin User to access this tab.

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