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About the Tribe Integration

Tribe CRM and APSIS One brings together the best of two worlds, CRM and Marketing. Manage your relationships within Tribe CRM and use the Tribe integration to approach these relationships with the endless possibilities that APSIS One offers you.

Read on to learn more about how the integration works!

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Full sync & Real-time sync

There are two features that empower data transfer from Tribe into APSIS One: Real-time Sync and Full Sync.

A Real-time sync takes place whenever a person is created or updated in Tribe. This results in a corresponding Profile being updated or created in APSIS One, matching the state of the person in the Tribe.

A Full sync systematically goes through all people in your Tribe account and either creates a new Profile in APSIS One, or updates an existing Profile data. We recommend that you initiate a full sync of the Tribe integration after you've done the initial set up or each time you make a change to field mappings, consent mappings or sync conditions.

How real time sync works: Tribe sends a webhook of the create/change to APSIS and APSIS picks it up as it comes. Note that in some extreme cases where the system is processing a lot of requests, updates can take up to 15 minutes.

Reach out to customer support if it takes longer.

What can be Synced?


Read more about adding consent to a person in Tribe here.

Sync consent added to a person in Tribe with a opt-in label, to APSIS One by setting it up in the Consent Mappings tab of the Tribe Integration in APSIS One.

Consents are sent both ways. If a profile in APSIS One unsubscribes, this will be reflected in the matching person in Tribe and vice versa.

Contact and Organisation data

With easy data mapping, you decide what data should be synced.

Sync data from People in Tribe to Profiles in APSIS One. By mapping data fields to Profile attributes in APSIS One, Profiles will be updated with data from Tribe at all times. Read more about Field Mapping.


Create Selections in Tribe and add them as Tags to matching Profiles in APSIS One to further target your marketing communication to its rightful audience.

Response data

Email Response Data such as Open, Click, Unsubscribe, Sent, Delivered and Undelivered will be sent back to the CRM keeping your data hygiene at a high level.

For SMS campaigns Open, Click, Delivered and Undelivered will be synchronised back to Tribe.

Create an activity from a marketing automation flow and assign to a user in Tribe

Create a seamless connection across your Marketing and Sales teams by creating tasks in Tribe that can then be assigned to users in Tribe. Learn how to set it up.

Setting up the Integration


In order to integrate Tribe with APSIS One all you need is an API key - nothing else is required.

Login into Tribe and find the API key.

How to integrate

Here's a summary of the process of integrating Tribe with APSIS One. Click to jump right to a section in the article for a more detailed run-down.

1. Enable Tribe with APSIS One with the API key.

2. Add Sync Conditions in case you only want a subset of your profiles to be synced with APSIS One.

3. Map data fields from the contact card in Tribeto APSIS One Attributes.

4. Map consent. Add a opt-in Label to a person(s) in Tribe and map them to a corresponding Subscription in APSIS One.

5. Sync your data.

Need a hand?
One of our consultants can help you set up the integration and make sure all the right configurations were made in APSIS One.

If you're starting from APSIS One account and is interested to purchase Tribe, you'll need a consultant to set it up.

Reach out to your Account Manager to get started.

About Tribe

Tribe is an Efficy Product, that provides you with a 360-degree view of any customer. Start each person from one central overview and stay ahead of things. Save important documents, notes, e-mail conversations, and support tickets linked to your relations. Save time and build the best foundation for sales and marketing

Tribe gives you a complete overview and makes it easy to plan a targeted effort that boosts sales. Read more about Tribe.

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