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Release Notes - 2023
Release Notes - 2023
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December 2023

📢 APSIS One Releases v. 42

[Webinar] Showcase of the latest new features - Watch the recording

Our webinar on Dec 14 showcased our latest features.

Efficy Professional Services showed updates such as A/B testing, improved editor functions, email reporting and analytics, event tool capabilities, and more!

Watch the webinar recording.

[Improved] Check-in Page for Events

Our Event tool now has an improved check-in page for virtual and in-person events. You can check in attendees without logging into APSIS One, avoid Excel sheets or printed lists, and have an up-to-date guest list with last-minute registrants.

[New] Event Tool Segment Builder

Segment your audience with Event Tool statuses and activities—track registrations and invite-to-check-in conversions. Use event intelligence to craft tailored responses.

[New] Resend Event Invitations

Clone and resend email invitations easily. Add new invitees or send reminders to specific groups.

[New] Event Follow-up Emails

Use the new Event feature to send personalised follow-up emails based on attendance status.

November 2023

📢 APSIS One Releases v. 41

[New] Introducing the Email Dashboard

This feature provides a comprehensive view of your email performance, and you can review and analyze key metric graphs to track campaign performance over time.

[New] A/B Testing Feature for Email

The A/B Testing feature lets you compare different versions of your emails and measure which performs best, so you'll always know what resonates most with your audience.
More info

[New] Upload and Save Images in an Image Library

No more uploading images. New Image Gallery for central storage and reuse across APSIS One tool.

[New] “Add to Calendar” Button for Event Emails

Include an "Add to Calendar" button in your event invitations for easy management and increased attendance.

[New] Clone Event Sessions

Cloning sessions for an event is now possible, saving you time and effort. You can reuse all the relevant attributes, like time, date, descriptions, and more, instead of creating a new session from scratch.

[Improved] Event Tool: Quick set-up

The initial section has been set as the default section, displaying pre-filled information.

[Improved] Event Tool: Active Tab set as Default

Upon entering the Event tool, you will be directed to active events for easy access.

October 2023

📢 APSIS One Releases v. 40

We hope you’ve enjoyed using the features and improvements released last month! Here are some of the new and upcoming launches for APSIS One.

📂 [Improved] Know when your File Import is ready for use

Tired of refreshing your Subscription count to check if your list is ready? You won't have to do that anymore with this update!

📧 [Improved] Use cloned Emails in your Marketing Automation tool

You no longer need to build Emails from scratch or save an existing Email as a Template to use it in your Marketing Automation flow!

➡️ [New] Move multiple rows in your Email editor

Editing emails just got much faster! Now you can easily rearrange sections of your email content by moving multiple rows at once!

🎨 [Improved] Do even more with multiple rows!

Not only are you able to select multiple rows and move them about in your Email editor, you can also save them as an Asset to be reused for later AND you can even Delete them.

🔟 [New] Counting node on Marketing Automation flows

You can now set limits to the number of Profiles that get to progress through a Marketing Automation flow! Perfect for crafting limited-time offers, managing budget-conscious SMS campaigns, and much more.

️🚀 [Ongoing] Boosted performance for Segments

We have finetuned the APSIS One platform to better handle Segments that contain a larger number of Profiles. Include as many Properties and Events within your Segment and get the most up-to-date numbers for your reports!

👀 [Improved] See your actual Event Data Tag info

Using Data Tags in your Event's email invitation? Now, you'll be able to see live information instead of Data Tag placeholders when you send a Test email. You won't need to guess if the information is correct anymore!

🔎 [Improved] Filter and Export the Event data you need

When you Export Event data in APSIS One, you can now filter for specific Sessions and attendee statuses and Export only the information you need!

🔒 [Improved] Compliance management across CRM and APSIS One platforms

Our latest update ensures GDPR compliance across integrated applications. Consent data updates made in your CRM will now be reflected in APSIS One, keeping your customer data compliant and up-to-date.

💡[Ongoing] APSIS One expands to eight languages - including Nordic languages

We will soon expand the language support within the APSIS One interface to include Nordic languages, such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish. This will be an addition to the already existing support for English, Dutch, Spanish, and French.

July 2023

Listen node enhancements

In order to further simplify the process of creating marketing automation flows and enhance user experience, we've added enhancements to the listen node so now you can use attributes, tags and segments to trigger a marketing automation flow weekly and monthly. To know more, please click here.

Delete attribute value in profile when the external system sends an empty attribute value to a mapped field

Seamless Data Maintenance: The integration now removes attribute values in response to mapped empty field values received from external systems. This ensures data integrity and reduces the risk of outdated or inaccurate profile information.

Note that this change will only take effect for accounts that are using Consent 2.0.

Undo/Redo: In Email tool we introduce possibility to undo/redo latest changes

Moving single row: In content editor we now support moving a single row in structure panel.

June 2023

Custom event enhancements

We've added support for date and time stamp field types for custom events (pilot phase) and have increased the field limit for a custom event from 20 to 100.

Dynamic schedule using event time in Timer node

We've enhanced the time node to include using event time as a reference point for introducing delays in your flow. With this setting, profiles are paused from progressing further until conditions associated with the custom event time are met.

Note that this feature is currently in pilot phase. Please reach out to your account manager if you are interested to know more.

Delete profile status added to Marketing automation node stats

We've added Profile Deleted to the list of node stats statuses to properly account for deleted profiles that are part of a Marketing Automation flow.

Merge profiles created through forms with matched contacts in CRM

We are now merging profiles created in APSIS One through filling up forms with matched contacts synched to APSIS One through a CRM integration. Note that this requires the installed CRM to send matched_records to APSIS One.

May 2023

Release of Consent 2.0 to new accounts

March 2023

UI enhancements to segment search

Searching for a segment in in the UI (for example: listen node or segment builder) now limits the selection of segments based on the entry provided in the search field.

Auto suggest field mappings

The field mappings UI now provides auto suggestions on fields that can be mapped between the external entity (for example: CRM) and APSIS One.

February 2023

Microsoft Dynamics on Lite accounts

Microsoft Dynamics can now be installed on APSIS One Lite accounts.

January 2023

Tribe CRM

We've released an integration with TribeCRM. The integration allows the user to sync contacts and subscriptions (consent) between Tribe CRM and APSIS One as well as the following lovable features:

  • Sync an email/SMS campaign created in APSIS One to Tribe CRM

  • Sync forms created in APSIS One to Tribe CRM

  • Marketing Automation node that lets the user create tasks that can be assigned to a Tribe CRM user

Introduced folder structure in the subscription tab

  • Switching to use folder structure in the subscription tab on the Audience page. With this change, the consent list has been renamed to a folder and the topic has been renamed to subscription. Additionally, the consent count is calculated based on the no. of profiles instead of no. of email addresses or phone numbers.

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