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About Dashboard

The Dashboard is the Apsis home page and let you monitor Account usage in real time:

  • Email/SMS sendings from the whole Account and each Section.

  • Audience size, known and unknown Profiles.

  • key metrics for selected time periods to keep track of your campaigns.

Customise the view

Decide what elements to display on your Dashboard with the Customise dashboard feature in the top right corner.

Tick and untick the elements under to display and hide data.

Note: The Account Insights is only visible to Account owners and Admin users. Periodic Specific Insights is available to all users.

Account Insights

Account Insight you monitor your Audience size and Account usage. When approaching Profile limits or monthly Email sending quota, the bars turn red. This transparency help you better plan campaigns and foresee when it is time to upgrade and request extension.

Email Overview

Email Overview states your Account usage and limits in real time - number of Emails sent this month using Email tool. Email sendings from other tools like Marketing Automation, Event tool and Transactional Emails are not included in this number.

If reaching the quota for the month, the send button in the Email wizard will be inactive, and you cannot send or schedule new Emails. The quota resets monthly.

When quota is reached for the month, you can still schedule for the following month.

SMS Overview

SMS Overview presents remaining SMS credits. To order more credits, go to SMS tool and click Buy more credits in the top right corner.

Profile Overview

Here you find the number of known Profiles on your Account. If you are about to reach the total number of Profiles allowed on the account, the green bar turns red and you will see a warning.

The Profiles Breakdown box states the number of known Profiles, unknown Profiles and total Profiles on your account.

Number of Consents shows the total number of Profiles with Email or SMS consent. And the number of Profile consent per channel.


Periodic Specific Insights

The Periodic specific insights on the Dashboard present statistics during a certain time period and selected Section.

How to Set Time period and Section

Adjust the overview by choosing the Section you're working in. If you only have one Section in your Account you will not be able to choose any Section here.

Open the Time Period to adjust which time frame you want the dashboard to reflect.

1. Choose a fixed time frame from the dropdown.

2. Or choose a custom time frame in the calendar.

3. Chose to display Chart by style by clicking the three dots in each overview. Select the graph to present with bars or line and in what time units.

Export the Dashboard

Easily export the Dashboard with your chosen settings by clicking Export as XLS.

Sent Emails

The Sent Email graph presents the sent Emails during selected time period and Section.

Latest sendings

The Latest sendings box lists latest sending activities according to selected time period and Section: number of Emails sent, open rate, click rate, CTOR and delivery rate.

Open Rate, Click Rate and CTOR

The bottom boxes are presenting open rate, click rate and CTOR in graphs (accorded to selected Section and time period).

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