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About Dashboard

The Dashboard is the Apsis home page. Use the Dashboard to see an overview of how many sendings are made from each Section in the Account.

Check that your sendings are meeting your goals. Adjust the views to fit specific time periods and monitor the key metrics for the latest sendings to keep track of your campaigns.

Note: The Calendar can now be found further down the left side menu.

How to use the Dashboard


Adjust the overview by choosing the Section you're working in. If you only have one Section in your Account you will not be able to choose any Section here.

Time period

Open the Time Period to adjust which time frame you want the dashboard to reflect.

1. Choose a fixed time frame from the dropdown.

2. Or choose a custom time frame in the calendar.

3. Switch between line or bar graphs by clicking the three dots in each overview.

Export the Dashboard

Easily export the Dashboard with your chosen settings by clicking Export as XLS.

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