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Event tool: Sessions
Event tool: Sessions
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Event tool: Sessions

Time to set up your Event Sessions!

Create several Sessions if the Event is taking place at various times and places.

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Create Session

An Event can hold one or several Sessions. Create at least one Session, add further Sessions if the Event is taking place at several occasions or venues.

1. Click Add new Session. Fill out name and location.

2. Add meeting link if you are planning a digital Event.

3. Select a time and a date for the Session.

💡Tip! Add all Sessions before proceeding to the Registration form, as the Session information is fetched into the Registration form template.


Toggle the Registration required switch to make registration mandatory.

Toggle the Set registration period switch to limit registrations to a certain period of time. In order to plan logistics, it could be convenient to close registration some time before the Event takes place.

If registration is required, the next step is to create a Registration form. If not, there will be no option to create a form.

Waiting list

Enable Allow waiting list if you want to offer your invitees to register to waiting list after a Session is fully booked (the allowed number of Attendees has registered).

After registering to the waiting list, the invitee will receive an automatic confirmation Email informing about the waiting list process.

Waiting list process

  1. Invitee submits Registration form and ends up on the waiting list.

  2. Once an Attendee cancels their Registration, the first person on the waiting list will be Registered to the Event.

  3. The new Attendee's Session status will change automatically from “Waiting list” to “Registered”.

  4. The new Attendee receives the Confirmation email, welcoming them to the Event (created at a later step on the Sendings page).

The waiting list process is completely automatic but if you wish to, you can do changes in the waiting list manually! Read about how to monitor and manage the Waiting list here!

💡Tip! If you later decide to increase the number of allowed Attendees for an Event session, you can choose to let people from the waiting list be granted a seat automatically. Read more here: Increase number of allowed Attendees.

Attendees and Guests

Set maximum number of Attendees allowed to sign up for a Session. No limit to the number of Attendees - leave the field empty, or set to zero.

You can override the maximum number manually by adding and edit Attendees (after the registration period as well).

Allow Attendees to Bring Guests

There are two ways of collecting guest registrations.

  • Allow guests - no guest information collected

  • Individual guest registration - guest information collected

Allow Guests

If activating Allow guests, a field will be added to the Registration form. In this field the invitee can fill in how many guests they will bring to the Event. (No additional guest information will be collected.)

This option is useful for Events where Attendees can bring their "+1 or more" guests, when you as organiser do not need any information about the guests.

  1. Activate the Allow guests button.

  2. Under Guests allowed per person, fill in the maximum number of guests per session per Attendee.

  3. In the Registration form, there will be a Number of guests field. This is where the invitees fill out the number of guests they will bring. The number can be monitored in the Attendee list.

Individual Guest Registration

Activate also the Individual guest registration button if you want the Attendees' guests to register through a Registration form,

1. The Guests to invite field Field will then appear in Registration form. The Attendee invites guests by filling in the guests' email addresses to the field.

2. When submitting the registration, a Guest invitation Email is sent to the invited guests' email addresses. The Guest invitation Email is created on the Sendings page at a later step.

3. The Guest invitation Email contains a link to the Registration form, where the guests have the option to register for the Event.

4. The guests who choose to register for the Event, will be added to the Attendee list. The invitation sender will also be visible in that list.

Note: Remember to create a Guest Invitation Email (Sendings page), in order to send invitations to the guests. Pick a Template according to you needs.

Clone Session

In a cloned Session related Emails and Templates will be the same as in the original Session. Remember to schedule new sendings.

1. Clone Session by clicking the Clone Session button.

2. Fill out Session name and location.

2. Add meeting link if you are planning a digital Event.

3. Select a time and a date for the Session.

Edit Session

The created Sessions will be listed on the Session page.

Edit the Sessions with the pen icon on the right of each Session.

When you have added all the Sessions for your Event, click Save to continue to the next step: create the Registration form.

💡Tip! Add all Sessions before proceeding to the Registration form, as the Session information is fetched into the Registration form template.

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