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Migrate from APSIS Pro to APSIS One
Migrate from APSIS Pro to APSIS One
Migrate from APSIS Pro to APSIS One
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Migrate from APSIS Pro

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Ready to Move to APSIS One?

Are you a APSIS Pro user thinking about migrating to APSIS One, we recommend that you reach out to your account manager - in that way our consultancy team can help validate if it is possible and can help start the data migration process.

In the case you decide to move to APSIS One, the data in your APSIS Pro account can be migrated. There a two ways of moving the data; manually or by using the migration wizard.

Regardless of the method we highly recommend that the migration will be handled by one of our consultants - your role is to decide what data to migrate.

Reach out to you account manager to start the process. If you are not aware who you account manager is, reach out to Support and they'll be help find out.

What Data can be Migrated?

Recipients, Demographic Data, Opt-outs and Campaign Response Data

All Recipients, their demographic data fields, opt-outs and historical campaign response data (up to two years back) can be migrated.

Manual migration by File Import

Only the Recipients and their data in the file will be migrated.

No campaign response data can be migrated by file import.

The Migration Wizard

All Recipients and their data will be migrated regardless if they are on a mailing list or not.

If you decide to use this way of migrating all Recipients will be created as Profiles in APSIS One.

Recipients who are not on a mailing list will also be migrated but without a consent and will not be added to any Subscriptions.

For this reason we highly recommend you through your APSIS Pro account and delete all unnecessary Recipients and mailing lists.

Sync Frequency

By using the Migration Wizard it's possible to choose between a one-time sync and setting up a recurring daily sync for an interim period of time.

One time Sync (Recommended)

Will sync all Recipients and the mapped data once.

Recurring 24 hour Sync

Will sync all Recipients and the mapped data once a day until the Migration Wizard is paused.

Note: For Recipients who have opted-out-all the sync opts Recipients out from all existing Subscriptions. In case of recurring migration — on daily basis.

What can not be Migrated?

Templates or designs can not be migrated and will have to be re-created in the new platform.

How to Prepare for the Migration

We recommend you go through your APSIS Pro account and decide which mailing lists and which demographic data fields you want to keep in the new setup in APSIS One - the migration is a good opportunity to clean your data.

Are all your data fields relevant, like "name", "company" or "country"? Do all, or most, of your current Recipients contain a value for the data fields you’ve collected?

We recommend that you take a close look at your mailing lists and identify all inconsistent or irrelevant data. Decide which demographic data fields are relevant and consistent, as well as in format such as text, number, number with decimal, true/false, timestamp and date.

APSIS Pro Mailing Lists

Let's take a look at your Pro account. As you review your APSIS Pro lists, ask yourself these questions:

Which of these lists are worth transferring into APSIS One?

When was the last time you used these lists, and do you see them as something you will use time and time again?

APSIS Pro Demographic Data

Demographic data is migrated into APSIS One in the shape of Attributes stored on a Profile. Attributes are the essential information that Profiles have provided with their consent. Just like in APSIS Pro, they can be a first or last name, country, address, etc.

Which demographic data fields do you want to migrate as Attributes? The two factors to consider are whether they are useful, and if they're consistent.

Consider if they are they useful for personalisation purposes in email and SMS campaigns as well as marketing automation flows and segmentation.

Check the consistency of values for each demographic data field you want to migrate. Do all of your REcipients have a value for those demographic data fields? For instance, if you notice that only 30 of your 10000 subscribers in APSIS Pro have a postal code, you might want to consider leaving it out.

Campaign Response Data

Campaign response data is migrated into APSIS One in the shape of Events a Profile has performed. The campaign response data is only migrated when using the Migration Wizard.

Events reflect the Profile's engagement and activity in relation to your brand.

For now, we can only migrate email response data.

Which email Events do you want to transfer, and what are the most valuable for your business? Consider clicks, opens and bounces, for example. You may use Event data to create segments to target Profiles who have interacted with your brand via Pro sendings before.

You must also think about the date that your subscribers performed these actions on. In your database, you may have campaign response data from a long time ago. Most likely you only need to keep the Events from the last two years.

Note: If you are migrating by file import and want the campaign response data migrated it is possible to use our API if you have developer resources available.

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What's Next

Reach out to your account manager if you are interested in learning more about your options to migrate to APSIS One.

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