Create a Sign-up Bar
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Create a Sign-up Bar

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Before You Begin

To successfully publish a Sign-up Bar make sure following is in place.

How to Create a Sign-up Bar

1. Head over to the Website Tool in the left menu to get started.

2. Click Create New Activity.

3. Choose the Forms tab and select Sign-up Bar.

4. Give the Sign-up Bar a working name, Select the Section you are working in and choose the domain you want the Sign-up Bare to appear.

5. Choose which channel the Sign-up Bar can collect consent for. It is only possible to collect one or the other with the same Sign-Up bar.

6. Decide which Subscription(s) Profiles who sign up will give consent to and click Next.

7. Choose how the Sign-up Bar should be displayed on the website.

8. Set the messages for the Sign-up Bar.

9. Create the Design for the Sign-up Bar. Adjust colours, font, and button as you like.

10. Finally, run through the details of the Sign-up Bar a final time before clicking Activate.

11. Find the Sign-up Bar under Activated & Paused in the Website Tool.

You may visit the Report, Edit, Pause or Delete the Product View in the bottom bar.

As website visitor sign up Sign-up Bar Events will be collected and stored on Profiles in your Audience

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