Create a Product View
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Create a Product View

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Before You Begin

To successfully publish a Product View make sure following is in place.

How to Create a Product View

1. Head over to the Website Tool in the left menu to get started.

2. Click Create New Activity.

3. Choose the Collect tab and select Product Views.

4. Give the Product View a Working name, select the Section your are working in and choose the domain you have connected. How to add a domain.

5. Now, find a URL for one of your product pages and paste it in. This Product View will collect mapped data for all product pages that matches this layout.

💡 Tip: You only need to map the data once. If you have more than one type of product page then it can be useful to create one for each type.

In example the URL could look somethin like this:

and reflect a product page like this:

6. Click Next and see a new window open with the product page and mapping options.

Note: If you do not see the mapping option the right please check that these steps are in place.

Standard Fields

7. Map the elements on the product page to the Mapping Options by first clicking on the Mapping Option and then the element on the product page you want to map.

Start with the Standard Mapping Options; Name and Category

Custom Fields

8. Continue with the Custom Mapping Options if you want to map more elements on the product page.

9. Click Add Custom Field to map more elements.

10. Give the Custom Field a name and choose the type of data being mapped.

11. Choose Visual to map the element by clicking on the element. Read more about all the available Sources.

12. Click Add to complete the Custom Field.

13. Map the element to the Custom Field.

Advanced: CSS Selector

In case the Visual Mapping Option is not sufficient instead use the CSS Selector under Advanced in both Standard and Custom Fields.

💡Tip: For example, if you have different classes for the product categories in your product pages, instead of using the Visual Element Picker to choose the class, you may use the CSS rule to point to the place where Product Views can locate the product category in your product page.

14. When all mapping is done, activate the Product by clicking Activate in the bottom right corner.

15. Check the Product View settings in the Overview and click Activate to confirm the activation.

16. Find the Product View under Activated & Paused in the Website Tool.

You may visit the Report, Edit, Pause or Delete the Product View in the bottom bar.

As website visitor browse your product pages the Product View Event will be collected and stored on Profiles in your Audience.

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