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About CMS Integrations
About CMS Integrations
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About CMS Integrations

By integrating your CMS, you can use Segments to tailor the content that is shown to visitors who browse your website.

  • Personalise content on your website by using data from across all of your channels and target specific visitors!

  • Show and hide website content to fit your visitor's interests, likes, and dislikes.

  • Create personalised banners and pages, and decide which of your visitors needs to see them, and when.

  • Integrating your CMS provides you with 360 degree customer view. Keep track of every part of the customer journey, and make sure the communications they receive and the content they see is tailored especially for them.

Check out our available integrations and get started aligning the full customers journey - The right content on the right screen, and the right message in the right inbox!

Why CMS Integrations

In the fierce world of digital marketing, personalisation is how you stay on top. As marketing becomes more competitive, and as people are increasingly making their purchases online, customers have come to expect personalised content at every step of the journey.

Integrating your CMS platform with APSIS One seamlessly brings together your website and marketing automation in a holistic way, where personalisation drives and nurtures every interaction with your customers.

Available CMS Integrations

Benefits of integrating

Powerful Segmentation

Create Segments to target in both email/SMS communications and your website. Use these Segments, available in your CMS to create unique, personalised experiences for all your website's visitors!

Automated personalised emails

Orchestrate the journey for the experience you want to create for your visitors, prospects and customers with automated personalised emails flows.

Collect valuable data from multiple channels

As Profiles get populated with meaningful, actionable data, nurture their relationship with your brand with smart, timely content that simply makes sense.


If it's not a perfect match, go for the next best thing! If your website's visitor does not match a Segment, simply select what fallback content to display, and make sure they're seeing what they need to see.

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