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Start Page and Calendar
Start Page and Calendar

Search, notifications, User activity, Calendar, Switch account

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Start Page and Calendar

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Start Page Navigation

In the left column of the platform, you can navigate to all Apsis tools.

In the top right corner you'll find the Information Centre. This is where you reach Account settings, notifications, do searches and User activity.

Global search

With the Global Search you can find any created activity in the platform. Use this search bar to keep track of all your recent searches and to search for content by using keywords. When typing and pressing Enter, you will see suggestions based on your input.


Notifications will keep you updated so that you don't miss a thing.

Under the All tab, you will find all your recent notifications. These are either coming with information from your tools or being generated by the system (like maintenance notices, marketing promotions, events and webinars). Notifications from Audience and Insights, however, are not supported at this time.

Click the Unread, tab to see those notifications you haven't read yet. To mark a notification as read, click the eye icon. To delete a notification, click on the trash bin icon.

User Activity stream

The User Activity stream will allow you to keep track of what all users in the account are doing.

Here you find all recent actions users have performed anywhere in the platform, from editing an Email template to importing Audience profiles.

Click on the activity link displayed in the stream, to learn more about a specific activity.

Switch Account

Do you have a user in more than one account?

Open the sidebar by clicking on your Profile picture, and you will see the option to switch account.

Go to Switch Account and choose another account from the dropdown menu.

Are you sure you want to switch account? Confirm by clicking Yes.


Private Notes are quick user-specific sketches that help users keep track of small bits of information. They appear as circle icons in the Calendar on the Start page.

These can be used for quick reminders, something for the user's eyes only.

Add a Note

1. Open the Information Centre and click on your profile picture.

2. Scroll down to Notes and To-dos, under Notes tab click Add Notes.

3. Give it a headline and a description. Click Save. To scrap the note, click Cancel.

Delete, Edit and Organise Notes

To delete the Note, click the X next to the Note.

To edit a Note, select field you wish to edit, either headline or description and simply edit the text. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Organise and change order by dragging and dropping. Just select a Note and drag it to another place in the list.


To-do's are account-wide task reminders located in your Information Centre. They appear as circle icons in the Calendar on the Start page.

Whenever a User creates a To-do it will be visible to all Users of the account.

Add a To-do

1. Open the Information Centre and click on your Profile picture.

2. Scroll down to Notes and To-Do's, under To-Do's tab click Add To-do.

3. Fill out Headline and a Description. Choose a due date for your to-do.

4. Click Save. To scrap the To-Do, click Cancel.

Delete, Edit and Organise a To-do

Edit text - Click on the field you wish to edit, either headline or description and simply edit the text. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Edit date - Click on the date field and then select a different date on the calendar. Use the arrows to go back and forth between months.

To Delete a To-do, click the X on the right.

Mark a To-do as Done

To mark as done, click the circle next to the To-do you want to mark as done. Your item will now be moved to a separate tab for done items.

If you need to undo it, locate the item and click on the circle again.


The Calendar gives an overview of the planned activities in the platform.

Let's have look at the icons in the top right corner.

With the Today button you can always quickly return to view today's date.


Use the filter icon to show only activities from certain tools. Tick on the boxes of the options you want to filter on. Click on Apply to apply your filter.

To show activities from all tools, click Clear Filters.


With the Calendar icon you can change the view from monthly to weekly. Alternate between the views by clicking the icon again.

Calendar items

In the Calendar you can see your own To-do activities as well as the activities scheduled in the tools.

User-generated Items

User-generated Items are items that you have created in the To-do list, with a due-date. Access the To-do list simply by clicking on an item.

Platform-generated Items

These items come from tools, activities, flows and actions in the platform. Like Emails and SMS.

To see Scheduled activities, click on the icons and bars in the Calendar.

The bars represent activities that don't have a specific scheduled date but are instead an ongoing activity, like sign-up bars, cookie banners, etc.

The icons correspond with scheduled activities and To-do's. If you hover over an activity icon or bar you will see its name as a tooltip.

Click on an activity to see the details or edit the activity.

For example, by clicking on an unsent draft that you have as activity here, you will be taken to the tools editing page.

When the activity is active or has been completed, you will be taken to the reports page.

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