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Managing Event, Attendees and Check-in
Managing Event, Attendees and Check-in

Monitor attendee list, access Check-in page

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Attendee list and Check-in

When your Event is active and invitations are sent out, you can sit back and monitor activities in the Event tool. And if you want, do manual adjustments and updates in the Attendee list.

This is how you manage your Event up until the day it takes place!

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Active and Past Events

When an Event is created, it is available on the Event page. With the four tabs on the top left, you alternate between the lists of Drafts, Active & Scheduled, Paused and Past events.

Select an Event by clicking the title once. With the options in the bottom bar you can:

  • Access Overview page

  • Edit - to make changes in the Event

  • Manage Attendees

  • Manage Custom data

  • Move to past

  • Active/Pause (change status of the Event)

  • Clone the Event (make a copy)

  • Rename

  • Delete

To re-enter the Event, you can also double-click the Event title.

Past Events

Under the Past tab you find Events that has already taken place. Events are automatically moved from the Active tab to the Past tab 30 days after Event's end date. An Event is active as long as there is at least one Session Active (end date occurring in the future).

You can also move active Events manually to the Past tab (at least one active Session in the Event). Select Event and click Move to Past in the bottom bar.

The Event status will then change to "Past". Drafted paused or deleted Events can not be moved to the Past tab.

Past Event to Active Event

An Event with the status "Past" can be activated again. Once a new Session is added with start date occurring in the future, the Event status will be changed to Active.

View All Sessions

To view all Session, select the Event (click once). Click the arrow to expose all Sessions with registration status and number of Attendees.


As Attendees are registering for the Event, they end up on the Attendee list.

Access Attendee list

  1. Select Event.

  2. Click Manage Attendees in the bottom bar.

3. Attendee list is presented.

Add New Attendee

You can add new Attendees with Add New Attendee button. When adding Attendees manually you are allowed to override the maximum number of Attendee settings.

Select Attendee, and view more options in the bottom bar.

Session Status

Under Session status you can change your Attendees' status from for example, Declined to Registered, or from Registered to Checked-in.

1. Click the arrow next to the Attendee to display Session information

2. Click Manage Sessions in the bottom bar.

3. In the pop-up window, change status to Registered, Checked, Cancelled or Declined.

Edit Attendee information (Custom data value)

You can manually change the information about an Attendee, like their kind of allergy or profession. To edit Custom data value for an Attendee:

1. Select Event.

2. Click Manage Attendees in the bottom bar.

3. Select Attendee.

4. Click Edit custom data in the bottom bar.

5. Edit Custom data values, in the pop-up window.

A Profile's Attribute can only be edited in Audience/Profiles.

6. Select Delete in the bottom right corner, to delete an Attendee from the Event.


Deleting an Attendee in an Event, the Profile is only removed from the Event. Delete Profile from account can only be done in Audience/Profiles.

Filter and Export

Filter Attendee list in the top left corner, by Session or Registration status.

Click the Export Attendee list button in the top right corner. Select what Profile data to include.

Waiting list

Under Manage Attendees you can monitor the waiting list. The waiting list process is automatic, but you can add and remove Attendees manually if you want.

View Waiting list

1. Select Event on the Start page.

2. Go to Manage Attendees in the bottom bar. Here you see the full Attendee list.

3. Use the filter icon on the left side of the list. Select Session and select status Waiting and all Profiles on the waiting list will be displayed.

Move to Registration list

You can grant someone a spot at the Event!

Move the Attendee manually from the Waiting list to the Registration list by just changing the Session status. (this way you can override the maximum number of Attendees allowed)

1. Select Attendee in the Waiting list

2. Go to Manage sessions in the bottom bar.

3. In the pop-up window change the Attendee Session status to Registered.

Add New to Waiting list

You can also add someone new to the Event waiting list without having them register through the Registration form. Add a new Attendee to the Event Session and give them the Waiting list status.

Increased Number of allowed Attendees

If you edit a Session and increase the allowed number of Attendees, you can choose to let people on the waiting list be granted a seat at this Session. With this option the first person on the waiting list will be moved to the Attendee list and automatically sent a Confirmation email.

Manage Custom data fields

You can edit or add new Custom data field from the Event Page. In order to edit data field from the Custom data list:

1. Select Event.

2. Click Manage Custom data in the bottom bar.

3. In the pop-up window, add new/ edit/ delete Custom data field.

Check-in Attendees

With the Check-in feature you can easily check-in the Attendees to the Event. First, from the Access Management page, give your Event managers access to check in Attendees.

1.Go to the Event Attendee list and click the Manage check-in access button in the top right corner.

2. This is the Access management page. Click Provide access button.

3. Give access to the Check-in page by filling the form with the contact information to the Event manager.

4. Event manager receives an email with a link to the Check-in page.

And an SMS with an activation code.

5. Event manager access the Check-in page with the SMS activation code.

6. Check in Attendees by toggle on the "Arrive" switch for respective Attendee.

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