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Event tool: Overview
Event tool: Overview
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Event tool: Overview

The Overview presents the basic details of the Event. This is also where you activate the Event. The Event needs to be activated in order to send out scheduled Emails and open the form for registration.

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Registration form - Sharing options

Access the Registration form with the URL in the Registration form dropdown menu.

Registration form URL

You can share the form distributing the url.


There is also the option to embed the Registration form on a content page.
The code to copy is found in the iframe dropdown.

Broken validation rules

If the scheduled Sessions don't have valid dates, they will appear under the

Broken validation rules.

Activate Event

When activating the Event, the Invitation email will be sent out, according to scheduled time. Activate the Event immediately with the button at the bottom, or save it as a draft.

Monitor and manage the Attendee list from the Event page as the Attendees register.

Note: When activated, the Event is open to send Emails and receive registrations!

Note: The links will not work until the Event until active.

Con gratulations to the set up of your Event!

Now that the Sendings are scheduled you can monitor the Attendees on the Registration list as they sign up. In the Event tool you can do manual adjustments in the registration list, waiting list and in the Attendee data.

💡Tip! Send a "Thank you for attending" Email to your Attendees after the Event has taken place. This adds a nice touch to the Event experience. And a good opportunity to include some information you would like to share!

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