About Profile Tags
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About Profile Tags

Tags are internal markers that can be added to Profiles manually, during a file import or via a marketing automation flow.

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What are Tags?

A tag is like a label or a sticker. Add a tag to Profiles as internal markers of a specific status or with a certain source. Tag can be added or removed – not updated like Attributes

  • Tags, themselves, do not contain data. Attributes can be understood as being something like "type of data = data" (gender = female) while Tags are more like "Label = yes / no" (either Tag is applied or it isn't).

  • Tags are applied manually, during a file import or via a marketing automation flow. Attributes, on the contrary, gather the data automatically and feed it into the Profile. In order for a Profile to have a Tag, a user must apply the Tag. Alternatively, if a file containing Profile data is uploaded, they can be Tagged in advance.

In example use tags to categorise Profiles and build a Segment or use them to a trigger, personalise or terminate a marketing automation flow.

How to Create a Tag

1. Head over to your User Icon and choose Settings.

2. Choose the Section you are working with and select Data Model in the left menu.

3. Choose Data Model in the left menu and click the Tags tab in the top menu.

4. Click Add New Tag and name it.

3. If you want to further adjust your Tag, like specifying its Allowed Operations, first save your Tag and then edit it to see all the available options.

Done? Click Save.

How to Edit a Tag

1. Head over to the Tags tab in Data Model.

2. Locate the Tag you wish to rename and click the pencil icon.

3. Edit the Tag.

About Allowed Operations

This setting only applies to operations performed by the API and Integrations. It is intended to give you control over which identifiers can be used to read or write Profile data by external systems.

4. Done? Click Save.

How to Hide Tags

Hidden Tags will not appear in Profiles and any activities within your account, but they will not be deleted. Hiding a Tag cannot be undone.

1. Locate the Tag you wish to hide. Click the eye icon.

2. Are you sure you want to proceed? This action cannot be undone. Click Hide to confirm.

The Tag will be hidden from Profiles and any activities.

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