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Use Cases - SMS Marketing
Use Cases - SMS Marketing
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Use Cases - SMS Marketing

Need Some Inspiration? Regardless of your business model, the benefits from an SMS campaign are immediate. Check out some of the most common Use Cases for B2C or B2B SMS Marketing!

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B2C Use cases

Physical and online stores

Send your customers coupons, order confirmation notices, shipping notifications, and notifications of sales.


Automate reservation reminders, seasonal menus or deals of the day, and manage delivery services.

Beauty salons and spas

Send confirmation and reminders of appointments, special offers, or gifts for special occasions.

Schools and educational institutions

Alerts for campus schedules, homework reminders, and event registrations.

Bars and nightlife

Advertise shows and performances, drinks and food promotions, or VIP promotions.

Travel agencies

Automate flight confirmation messages, travel tickets, and advertise discounts.

Real estate

Alert prospective buyers of purchase opportunities and confirmation of viewing appointments.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers

Send appointment reminders and confirmations.

B2B Use cases

For a B2B business, SMS could be the perfect channel to use to get your message across. With SMS you can add the personal touch to a message that will be read almost instantly, build repertoires with leads, and stay relevant with short, to-the-point messages.

Confirmation messages

Send to lead after downloading material or booking meetings - remember the personal touch!

Keep in touch messages

To stay in contact with prospects and customers.


Remind customers of upcoming events or things to remember - NPS surveys, webinars, conferences, whatever you need to communicate, SMS has you covered.

💡Tip! Personalise communications by choosing a sender name the recipient is bound to know and be receptive to - this could be the Key Account Manager, the CEO, or the CCO.

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