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Best Practice - The Successful SMS
Best Practice - The Successful SMS
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Best Practice - The Successful SMS

The reach of an SMS marketing campaign is tremendous and your message is almost guaranteed to be read. The open and click rates are remarkably higher than for emails.

However, in order to reach your marketing goals, your SMS communication must contain the right elements and preferably combined with other marketing methods.

Get the tips you need to succeed here!

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What to include?

Curate the content

Every character counts in your SMS - convey the message you want to send in a short and sweet text, and keep your subscribers interested.

Extend the journey with a Link

Tell your subscribers exactly what to do with a well placed link. Direct them to your website, to fill in a form, and nurture potential leads.

Unsubscribe link

Always include an Unsubscribe Link! A simple but effective way to maintain your data hygiene, and essential to all of your communications.

What to consider?

Due to its this quite intimate communication method, marketeers must be careful to find the right balance between content and frequency. Here's a few things to consider when integrating SMS into your marketing strategy:

Combine SMS with other methods

As SMS is a very personal form of communication, it should always be used together with other marketing methods across the customer journey. For example with email, as they're much stronger together!

Get consent

As with email, getting consent before you send your SMS will ensure it's being sent to those who are already interested in your message, and will reduce the rate of bounces and unsubscribes. Are you up to date with GDPR?


Subscribers respond positively to personalisation - don't forget to personalise your message with data tags, and filter your audience using Segments.

Not too little and not too much

Finding the balance between how many message you send, and even the time you send them, can take a bit of experimentation. But is a necessity for a successful marketing campaign. Make sure to check your SMS reports after each sending to analyse how well your message performed.

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