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After completing your SMS message, adjust your SMS settings before you continue. Here you will find Details and Unsubscribe Settings.

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SMS details

Go to Settings in the bottom bar to review your SMS settings. Here, you can edit the sender name under Sender name.

If you added a link to your SMS the recipients' possible interactions will be tracked and stored in their Profiles. If you untick the Track links box, Profiles who click the link in their mobile phone and other corresponding information will not be a part of the SMS Report.


Unsubscribe settings

For all kinds of communications, your subscribers will have the option to opt-out or unsubscribe. Make sure you include the ##Unsubscribe## Data tag to the message!


When a Profile click the unsubscribe link in your SMS, the link will lead them to a landing page where they can confirm their wish to unsubscribe. Depending on your options, you will either display a confirmation message or lead them to a page of your choice.

Under the Unsubscribe tab, adjust the messages, confirmation and design of the unsubscribe page, as you prefer.


Go to Preview in the bottom bar, to have a preview of your SMS to what it will look like to your recipients!


Valid Data tags will show with << >> instead of ##, and you will see a sample unsubscribe link.

If your data tag is still between ##, go back to the SMS editor and reinsert the tag by using the drop-down menu. Click "Back" on the bottom bar to head back to the SMS editor.

Test SMS

Test your SMS before sending it to your recipients.

1. Click Test in the Bottom bar to test your SMS.


2. Enter the mobile numbers you want to test the SMS on.

The Data tags will not show up as intended in the test message, but they will once they reach the real recipients.

3. Looking good? Click Send in the bottom right corner.

4. Check the SMS
Have a look at the SMS so that all looks good.

When testing an SMS, you can test the unsubscribe link to make sure that it takes you to the unsubscribe landing page and that your settings are correct. You can also click the confirm button on the landing page. And don't worry, since it's only a test SMS, no actions will be recorded and nobody will be unsubscribed based on the link in the test SMS.


Ready to proceed?

Go ahead and click Next step in the bottom bar. It is time to choose who to send to!

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