SMS: Send To
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SMS: Send To

In this step you will choose the recipients of your SMS.

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Select Subscription(s) in the dropdown.

Choose whether you want to exclude duplicates or keep all.


Time for some Segmentation!

A Segment is a number of Profiles grouped based on a condition. Segmentation will help you make sure that your messages reach your desired audience. You may do this with Profile tags or Segments.

1. Open the Segmentation drop-down. Here you get the option to Include Segments, Exclude Segments and Filter by Tags.

2. Select Add included segment or Add excluded Segment.

3. Add a Segment.

4. Set the segment to match all or match any in the dropdown.

Segments are created in Audience. Read more about how to create Segments here!

💡Tip! With segmentation you can for example easily target Profiles that haven't been interacting with you marketing activities in a while. Create a Segment based on interaction and do a re-engagement campaign.

Note: Once you set up your Segmentation preferences for your activity, any changes made to the Segment in the Segment Builder will be reflected upon sending. In other words, editing a Segment that is in use in any activities will result in the latest version of the Segment being used by the tool.

Filter by Tags

Under Filter by Tags, you may include or exclude Profiles who match all or any specific Tags.

Use the drop-down menus to select Include/Exclude Profiles that contain any/all of the following Tags.

Select Tag(s) in the Choose Tag drop-down.

Click on the X to remove an included or excluded Segment or tag.


The Frequency option allows you to skip sending SMS messages to those Profiles that already received an SMS from you recently. Profiles with an SMS - Sent Event logged within the time period you choose will be excluded from this sending.

  1. Open the Frequency drop-down and tick the checkbox.

  2. Choose the time period you'd like to take into consideration.

Skip sending to Profiles who you sent an SMS to within the last 72, 48 or 24 hours. You can also custom time period.

Note: Please allow at least one hour between sendouts to make sure that Profiles are excluded with the frequency filter.

Calculate Profiles

The next step is to assess how many Profiles will receive this SMS based on your Segmentation preferences. Approximately 200,000 Profiles can be calculated at once.

Profiles with invalid phone numbers, a well as those that have had 3 hard bounces, are removed from all SMS sendouts and therefore not shown in this calculation.

1. Click Calculate now.

2. Correct number? The number of Profiles will be shown. If the number is too low, simply return to your previous settings and make sure they're not too specific.

3. After successfully calculating the Profiles, you can click Show Profiles to see exactly which Profiles will receive your SMS.

4. A list with the Profiles matching your settings will be displayed. Click on an item to get to the Profile view in Audience, where you can take a look at their Profile data.

Adjust your Segmentation settings if necessary, and continue when you feel confident that you've chosen the right Profiles from your Audience.

When, ready, click Next.

Did the Calculation Fail?

It is possible to calculate for approximately 200,000 Profiles in APSIS One. If the calculation fails, it is most likely a temporary server error, so try again to calculate your Profiles.

If the calculation fails because you've exceed the maximum amount of filtering, then you need to adjust your send-to settings. It's likely that the combination of Segments and Subscriptions being used are too complex, which results in a request that is too large for the server to handle.

If you still encounter problems with sending your email, please reach out to Efficy Support.

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