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About Ecommerce Integrations
About Ecommerce Integrations
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About Ecommerce Integrations

Integrate your marketing efforts with a Ecommerce solution and say goodbye to inconsistent journeys and data silo headaches.

  • Follow-up effortlessly and deliver proactive service

  • Learn what your customers like, and how they engage with you

  • Enhance the customer relationship and elevate their experience

Why Ecommerce Integrations

Whether you're a smaller business or a large retailer, integrating your ecommerce platform with APSIS One will add value to digital marketing by making your ecommerce data a part of the overall customer journey. We make it easy to connect customer behaviour from your store, showcase your products with style, recommend items, and recapture lost sales.

Real, live data will be fed from your Ecommerce platform into APSIS. Then it will become available to create Segments and marketing Automation flows!

The Ecommerce Integrations support multiple online stores, so you can adjust data mapping, settings and advanced options for every online store you manage.

Available Ecommerce Integrations

Benefits of Synchronising Data

  1. Enrich your APSIS One Audience and keep Profile and Consent data updated at all times with full sync and real-time sync on all recent changes.

  2. Bring personalisation to a higher level in your welcome flows, post-purchase flows, birthday greetings, loyalty campaigns and more

  3. Populate your Audience data with spending habits, basket size, and behavioural data, and transform into personalised communications and Product Recommendations.

What's Next?

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