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With the Pages tool you can create landing pages; extra space for you content. Create a Page to share exclusive information, or as an extension from teaser in a newsletter.

Time to create your Page, just the way you like it!

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Create new Page

Creating a new Page, the tool will guide you through five steps: Name, Type, Template, Design and Overview. Once you have completed the steps you can go back to adjust by using the side menu.

1. On the Forms & Pages start page, click Create New Activity.

2. Give the Page an internal working name.

3. Select Section you want to work with. You can not change Section after proceeding with the Next button. Read more about Sections here.

Remember Subscriptions are Section-specific. This, however, will only show if you have permissions for more than one Section.

4. Select Standalone Page.


The Template will determine the initial structure of your Form. It allows you to maintain consistency in your website and save valuable time spent in the Editor.

Pre-defined Templates

Pre-defined templates contain a preview and a description in this step. You may adjust all pre-defined templates once you're in the editor, so feel free to choose a template that is closest to what you have in mind.

Our blank template includes four empty rows, with one column each, but you may also choose a pre-defined template that has a different structure.

Change Template

You can go back to this step later if you change your mind. From the Page editor, click "Previous step". Note that your changes will be lost unless you saved the Page as a Template before.


This is the Page editor! The Page editor is structured the same way as Email editor, with a set of nine Design elements.

Design the Page, by using the Elements in the Design panel. The Structure panel on the left reflects the Rows and Columns of the Page.

Read more about how to use the Design elements here.

When having completed the design of your Page, check the Settings in the bar so all is correct.

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