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Pages: Settings

When having completed your Page, go to Settings in the bottom bar to do some last adjustments on the Page design. And soon it's ready for publishing!

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In Page settings you can adjust the working name and the page title of your activity.

Under Page title, enter a title for the page where the Page is hosted. This text will be shown in the browser where visitors open the page.


Adjust the Page width. Maximum width is 1500px.

Set Body colour with hex code, RGB or the colour picker. To make the body colour transparent, click the X icon next to the colour code. The preview will be a white circle crossed with a red line.

Set Background colour with hex code, RGB or with the colour picker.

Upload Background image if you prefer. Select from the dropdown menu how the image should be displayed and type in an Alt text.


Standard setting, works everywhere where background image is supported. The image will be repeated both in x and y direction.


Fills up background, rescales image; keeps dimensions and crops the image.


Shows the whole background image 1 time, rescales image, but will not crop it.


Fills up the background, rescales image, stretches it out instead of cropping it.

Adjust border width and radius (roundness of corners)

Select border colour with hex code, RGB or the colour picker.


Preview your Page under the Preview tab. Switch between Mobile and Desktop to see how it will look in different devices.

Almost done!

Click next to proceed to the last step: Overview and share. This is where you publish and distribute your Page.

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