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Edit, Delete & GDPR options
Edit, Delete & GDPR options
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Edit, Delete & GDPR options for Profiles

To Edit a single Profile follow the guide below. To make changes to multiple Profiles at a time head over to our guides about File Import or Edit Profiles with API.

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Edit a Single Profile

This feature is only available for specific versions.

Easily edit a Profile by going to the 360 Profile view. Head over to Audience and choose Profiles in the top menu. Search for the Profile you want to edit or find it in the list.

Edit Attributes

Click the Profile you want to edit, and find the Edit profile button below all Profile details. Remember to save the changes.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe a Profile

Subscribe a Profile to a Subscription

1. In the Profile view, click Add Subscription to add a Profiles consent to a Subscription.

2. Choose Channel in the dropdown and select the Subscription.

Unsubscribe a Profile From a Subscription

Unsubscribe a Profile from a Subscription by hovering over the envelope icon to the right and click Unsubscribe.

Add or Remove Tags

1. Click Add or remove Tags in the 360 Profile view.

2. Choose or unchoose already existing Tags from the dropdown and save. To create new Tags head over to the data model in the Section.

Delete & GDPR Options

Individuals always have the option to unsubscribe or opt-out from your communications, they also have the right to request that you share their data with them as well as that you erase it.

Delete a Single Profile

1. Delete a single Profile by clicking the GDPR button in the bottom of the 360 Profile view.

2. To delete the Profile simply click Delete. The Profile and all data connected to the Profile will be deleted from the entire account.

Note: Deleting a Profile is permanent and cannot be undone. If you wish to unsubscribe them instead, follow these steps.

Also use the File Import to make changes to many Profiles at a time.

GDPR Option - Export Profile Data

1. Click the GDPR button and choose Export data.

A file download will begin. The data will be exported in JSON format.

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