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Creating Profiles (C1)
Creating Profiles (C1)
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Creating Profiles

There are several ways to add or create new Profiles. Check out the options below.

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How to Create a Single Profile

1. Want to add a single Profile? Head over to Audience and click Add a new Profile.

2. Choose Manually.

3. In the drop-down, choose which Profile Identifier will be associated with the Profile. Then enter the Profile's Identifier - email or mobile number in the text box and click Next.

4. Fill in information in the Attributes of the Profile. Tags can also be added in this step.

Remember to save when finished adding information.

5. Once you have created the Profile you can add consent to a Subscription in the Details View.

File Import

Add many Profiles at a time by importing a file. Head over to the File Import guide to learn how.

Form Sign-up

Let website visitors or conference attendees sign up them selves.

Easily create a sign-up form and publish it on your website, bring it to a conference or link to it from anywhere. Learn more about creating a Form with the Form Tool.


Are you using a CRM, CMS or Ecommerce system as a master for Profile data?

CRM integrations

Profiles imported with an CRM integration will have their CRM ID Attribute as their Profile Key/Unique Identifier. Learn more about our CRM Integrations

More integration options:


Head over here to lean more about using our API to create Profiles

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