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Create a Profile with the APSIS One API
Create a Profile with the APSIS One API
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How to Create a Profile

This feature creates a new profile in your account. This profile is identified by the keyspace_discriminator and profile_key you provide in the request. In the section designated by section_discriminator, the value is set for the attribute mapped to the keyspace. This value is the same as the profile key.

This feature allows creating profiles in custom keyspaces (unique identifiers).

The keyspace and section must exist prior to calling this endpoint.

As an example, let's say you want to create a profile in the Email keyspace and the context of your Europe section. Your call would look like this:


About discriminators

To identify fields and entities in Audience like Attributes, Sections or Keyspaces, you'll use discriminators.

We'll explain more about discriminators later on, but for now you only need to know that:

  1. The discriminator for the default First Name Attribute is com.apsis1.attributes.firstname

  2. The discriminator for the email Keyspace is

When using the email Keyspace, always use the email address as Profile key.

About URI Encoding

Remember to apply correct URI encoding in all requests, since part of the data is set through the URI itself.

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