Keep Deliverability High
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Keep deliverability high

Deliverability is the likeliness of your emails reaching your Profiles' inboxes. You can have a large impact on your email deliverability, we want to give you a few tips on how to!

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What is Email deliverability?

There are several factors that effect deliverability, such as consent, authentication and reputation. On the receiver's end, Internet Service Provider, throttling, bounces, spam issues and bulking are the related factors.

Delivery rate is calculated by dividing the number of emails delivered by the number of emails sent. The delivery rate should be 100% or close to it.

Reach the Inbox

Following the Email's journey, we see that between every step there are processes, events, actions, and user behaviors that can affect the deliverability in a positive or negative way.

Efficy Marketing provides you with all the tools necessary to make sure that you can address these possible factors. In the Safe sending article you can read about what we do to keep your sending safe.

How to keep your Delivery rate high

Let us take you through the list of things to keep in mind in order to keep deliverability high!

Consent management

  • exclude inactive profiles from sendings

  • re-engagement campaigns for inactive Profiles

  • analyse your bounce rates and spam complaints

  • when importing addresses, ensure addresses are real and have provided consent

  • do not import files with addresses or any information provided by a third party

Deliver-friendly Content

  • Avoid spam trigger words in the subject line (for example free, money, win, help)

  • Use URLs conservatively, with clear parameters and avoid URL shorteners

  • Avoid too many images. Build your emails with a variety of elements, in order to have the Email properly displayed

Email Authentication

  • SPF - to prevent fraudsters to send emails on your behalf.

  • DKIM - to decrease risk of Email landing in spam folder or caught in spam filter.

  • DMARC - to get reports on when and why emails are rejected.

Note: Email authentication helps you improve your email delivery rate by preventing email fraud and identity theft. We help you set it up, read more here!

Custom domain

Setting up a Custom domain for links and system pages helps promote consistent branding in your email activities. Adjust links in your emails and system-generated pages to be a part of your domain (like web version and unsubscribe page).

Seeing your private domain, when hovering over and clicking the address, gives the Profiles a sense of trust and builds upon their relationship with your brand. Read more about Custom domain here.

Build a good reputation

Below guidelines will help you build a good reputation. For any accounts that intend to send to more than 10,000 recipients per day, a warm-up process is necessary.

Warm-up sender domain

To prevent you from gaining a bad sender reputation, you need to gradually warm up your private technical sender domain. Alongside good data hygiene, warming up will ensure that the technical sender domain will not be marked as a suspicious domain.

Sendings from completely new technical sender domains (considered neutral) will often end up in the "promotions/other" tab in servers like Gmail. This is natural and will improve as the reputation of your private technical sender domain increases.

Adjust guidelines to your numbers

The recipient numbers in the guideline example are based on a goal of sending emails to 30,000 recipients per day. Simply adjust the number of recipients to match your end goal.



Send to


Day 1

1,000 recipients

Follow up:

  • Check your Email Reports to ensure the delivery statistics and open rates are good.

  • Check your own recipient addresses so that they receive the emails too. Bad statistics may indicate problems with the DMARC settings.*

Day 2

5,000 recipients

Repeat follow up.

Day 3

10,000 recipients

Repeat follow up.

Day 4

20,000 recipients

Repeat follow up.

Day 5

30,000 recipients

Repeat follow up.

* For help with bad statistics, please reach out to APSIS Support, and pause the warm-up process until the problem is fixed.

Larger sending example

Example numbers for a goal of sending emails to 10,000,000 recipients per day:

  • Day 1: Send to 10,000 recipients.

  • Day 2: Send to 100,000 recipients. Follow up.

  • Day 3: Send to 1,000, 000 recipients. Follow up.

  • Day 4: Send to 5,000,000 recipients. Follow up.

  • Day 5: Send to 10,000,000 recipients. Follow up.

Please refer to APSIS One's Standard Service Limits for the maximum number of recipients allowed per sending.

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