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Handling Errors
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Handling Errors

Its best to consider all error cases and create response scenarios for each type of error in advance. That way, you can prevent interrupting your processes by handling errors as they're returned.

Errors are returned by APSIS Ones APIs with the following response body.

  "title": "Service unavailable",
  "status": 503,
  "detail": "Connection to database timed out"

Validation Errors

For validation errors, APSIS Ones APIs return an HTTP 400 status code.

To prevent validation errors, please make sure that all the parameters are strings.

Authorization errors

For authorization errors, APSIS Ones APIs return an HTTP 401 status code.

These errors are usually related to invalid access tokens. Make sure that your access token is valid and has not expired. Read more about authentication.

Note: Head over to our Developer Hub to read more about limitations.

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