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APSIS One API pricing
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About APSIS One's API Pricing

The APSIS One API is one of the many standard features and capabilities included in APSIS One.

Instead of API calls, usage will be counted as operations. An operation may be composed of one or several calls that are counted as one.

The APSIS One API Profile Operations include creating, updating and reading APSIS One Profiles.

The limit of monthly operations is 25 times the size of your maximum APSIS One Audience package.

We won't block any traffic if you exceed your operation limit. However, you'll need to revisit and extend your APSIS One Audience package.

About APSIS One API Operations

Some operations will not count towards the usage limit, like adding or modifying custom Attributes, Segments, adjusting permissions, and similar definition operations.

Stay tuned for a complete overview of all the available APSIS One API operations.

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