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Video tutorials for our tools: Email, SMS, Marketing Automation, Forms & Pages, Account settings

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Welcome to Apsis Video Library!

Here you find presentation of Apsis tools and its features. The videos are illustrating some recommended work flows and tips on how to get the best out of our tools.

Video Library

Email tool

This is Email tool! The video is an overview of the tool and its features.

Engaging content

How engaging is your email? Learn the small things that make a big difference.
Sharpen you knowledge on brand consistency, accessibility and mobile friendly design.

Smart building

Skip repetitive tasks!

Build beautiful on-band Emails with Templates and Assets. Here we present the most quick and easy way of building Emails. Building smart will optimise you Email creation process.

Segments and Personalisation

Stay relevant to your recipients. Use Data tags to personalise content and Segments to target the right audience. Let the Profile data shape your Email marketing!

Marketing Automation tool

This is Marketing Automation tool!

The video is an overview of the tool and its features. We will have a look at the possibilities the Nodes are providing in some example flows.

SMS tool

This is SMS tool! The video is an overview of the tool and its features.

We will have a look at the SMS editor, what to include and what to consider.

Forms & Pages tool

This is Forms & Pages! The video is an overview of the tool and its features.

Collect Data and Consent

Here, you will learn how to collect data and consent with a Form. We set up collect elements in the Form editor, settings of the Form and finally have a look at where the incoming data is stored in Audience.

How to Use the Data

In this video will have a look at how to use the collected data for:

  • Marketing Automation

  • Personalising Email content

  • Building Segment

Set up Account

This collection covers the steps required to set up your account and get started. The set up takes place in Account settings and in Audience.

Check Profile Settings

Start by checking your User Profile settings, found in Account settings.

Invite Users

Invite colleagues to work with you!

Add Users and set their roles and permissions. Requires admin rights.

Rename Section

An account is divided into one or several Sections. A Section is already created in your account, named "Default". Choose a more descriptive name for you Section.

Requires admin rights.

Create Subscription

A Subscription is a record of Profiles, like a container. In order to import Profiles to your account, you need to have a Subscription in place.

Check out the video for guidance!

Set up Attributes

Attributes are data fields, describing your Profiles. They contain for example name, email and phone number.

The Attributes you create are a part of your Data model. Consider what data you want to store and how to store it. Go ahead and create some Custom Attributes that suit you need.

Get Profiles into Account

With a Subscription in place and some Attributes set up, you are ready to import Profiles to the account! You can for example import Profiles from a file, or use a sign-up form on your website.

A quick and smooth start is to import Profiles from a file, with the File import wizard.
Give it a go!

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