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Use Custom Events in Marketing Automation
Use Custom Events in Marketing Automation
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Custom Events in Marketing Automation

You can use a Custom event in two ways in a Marketing Automation Flow.

  1. Start a Marketing Automation flow by choosing it in the Listen Node.

  2. Use the custom event data for personalisation in the email content in the flow.

Use a Custom Event to start the flow

1. Create a Marketing Automation flow. Click on the Listen Node to open it up and choose Events. The Listen Node is mandatory and will always appear as the first in the canvas.

2. Choose Custom Events.

3. Choose between the types of Custom Events - Transactions, Conversions or Signals.

4. Select the Custom Event from the dropdown.

5. Choose if you want the flow to start when a specific field value is matched. Or skip it to simply start the flow when the Events is fired.

6. Choose if the Custom Events should have been fired a certain amount of times before starting the flow. And if it should happen within a specific time frame.

7. Finally, open the Advanced options if you wish to add a Segment to the Listen Node that will narrow down which Profiles are allowed to enter the flow.

💡Tip! Use the Custom event for branching out the flow path and personalise the journey at any time.

Personalise the email content with Custom Event data

When you use a Custom Event to start the flow it's possible to use the custom event data it in the email content.

The following guide also applies to any other event types.

1. Add the Custom Events to the Listen Node to start the flow.

2. Add an Email Node to the flow and click Create new email to enter the email editor.

3. Choose a spot in a text element and choose Events in the inline editor. Now, choose the event data from the dropdown.

In this example, the field "Departure" will be populated with the data from the custom event - time of departure. It can include any data you set it up to include.

4. When happy with the design click Finish and Save as draft/Ready to Send to head back to the flow.

5. Now, a preview of the email is showing in the Node. Click edit to return to the email editor at any time.

6. Activate the flow when ready.

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