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Tribe: Sync Selections in Tribe to APSIS One
Tribe: Sync Selections in Tribe to APSIS One
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Sync Selections in Tribe to APSIS One

Prerequisite: To sync Selections from Tribe to APSIS One, you must run at least one full sync after enabling the Tribe integration.

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How to Set Up Selection Sync

Create Selections in the Tribe CRM and link them to the profiles in APSIS One. This adds a Tribe CRM tag to the matching Profile in APSIS One. You can then use this Tag in marketing campaigns.

To create a Selection and make it visible in your Tribe integration with APSIS One, follow these steps.

To set up a one time import of these selections, please follow these steps:

1. Head over to Integrations in the left menu, locate Tribe, and click Edit.

2. Choose Queries and Profiles.

3. To sync Queries click Start import.

4. Choose the Selection in the dropdown from Tribe that you want to sync and simply start the import.

Now, you'll see the sync starting.

Once the sync is done use the tag in the Send to step of the Email tool to reach only profiles in that Selection

or use it to build even more elaborate segments in the Segment Builder.

Make Selection Sync Recurring

Keep dynamic Selections in Tribe CRM in sync with APSIS One. By setting up a recurring sync, matched Profiles of People added to the Selection are tagged/untagged once a day.

To set up a recurring Selection sync, follow these steps:

1. Click Manage to select which Selections should be recurring.

2. Tick the box for the Selections (s) you want to set up a recurring sync for.

Marketing Campaign and Results in Tribe

Marketing campaign

After activating and sending the campaign, an Apsis marketing list is created in Tribe. This activity can be found on the Apsis dashboard and contains a complete overview of the results of the campaign.

The marketing campaign activity contains the following data:

  • The subject of the campaign, as entered in APSIS

  • The number of emails sent

  • The number of emails delivered

  • The number of opened emails, these are unique numbers

  • The number of clicks in the email, these are unique numbers

  • The number of emails that were not delivered.

APSIS will update the most current data via periodic synchronisation.

Marketing campaign result

In addition to the marketing campaign, an activity APSIS marketing list result is placed in the timeline in the closed activities for each person from the campaign. Here the campaign results for this specific person are shown, per campaign.

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