Consent 2.0 Migration
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Consent 2.0

We are excited to introduce Consent 2.0, a significant architectural advancement in APSIS One, designed to enable big sending capabilities in the platform.

Consent 2.0 lays a robust foundation in our cloud services, paving the way for exciting new features to be implemented. In addition to that, it brings improvements to large-scale consent operations (e.g., large email and SMS sendings) and low latencies for managing cookie consents.

Benefits of migrating to Consent 2.0

  1. Enhanced Performance: Improved performance in filtered consent export ensures a smoother experience, particularly during large-scale sendings.

  2. Consistent Consent Counts: With consent information now stored within user profiles, discrepancies in consent counts are resolved, ensuring accurate and reliable data.

  3. Streamlined Consent Operations: By combining profile and consent data, consent operations are faster and more efficient execution.

  4. Platform Scalability: Implementing architectural changes to establish a strong foundation for platform scalability and upcoming features, such as reporting.

  5. Enhanced Logging: Providing clear logging on how consent is given and imported into the platform.

  6. Simplified Integration: Consent is not tied to email or SMS addresses anymore. Instead, it is assigned to a profile which makes updating phone numbers and email addresses simpler and less error prone.

Features bundled with Consent 2.0

With the release of Consent 2.0, these new features have been bundled together and released simultaneously.

  1. Single Profile Creation: Users can create a profile directly on the platform, making it easier and faster to get started.

  2. Single Profile Editing: Users can edit a profile directly in the platform, providing more control and flexibility over their personal data.

  3. Add/Remove Subscription to a Profile in 360 View: Users can add or remove subscriptions to a profile in 360 View, making it easier to manage and update their preferences.

  4. Export Duplicate List in the Audience: Users can export duplicate lists in the audience, making profile management easier. (Available in Audience, the Email tool and One API.)

Changes to Insights

With the release of Consent 2.0, we will sunset the old opt-in, account and usage metrics, as they no longer reflect the reality of how our new architecture calculates consents and opt-ins. The new metrics will reflect reality closer: the numbers you will be able to see will be straightforward, common sense, and reflect what you get when you do sendings and segments.

A new improved Insights page will be release in the coming months.

Future improvements

  1. Subscription Per Channel in Segment Builder: Allows users to see subscriptions per channel in the Segment Builder, making it easier to create targeted campaigns.

  2. Improved Consent Timeline: Includes all subscription history for troubleshooting, making it easier to identify and resolve issues.

  3. Insights Page: Provides insight into campaigns and reporting on consent status, allowing users to make better data-driven decisions.

  4. Support for New Formats in Export Wizard: Users can export data in a variety of new formats, making it easier to work with the data in other applications.

  5. Enhanced Profile 360 View: Provides a clear view of subscriptions in the Profile 360 View, making it easier to manage and update subscription preferences.

Migrating to Consent 2.0

Step 1: Update API Integration

In case you have active OneAPI integration, you need to ensure you don't use endpoints, that are not compatible with Consent 2.0. If you do, you need to switch your calls to the new endpoints.

Here you will find the list of affected endpoints and a guide on how to migrate them:

If you can't decide whether you have integration or not or need detailed guidance โ€” just contact our support and we will help out.

Step 2: Schedule a Maintenance Window

Once your API is upgraded, we will schedule a convenient maintenance window to complete the transition to Consent 2.0. During this window, our dedicated team will migrate your account to new Consent services.

Upgrade to Consent 2.0 now and unlock a world of enhanced performance and advanced features. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth transition that elevates your business to new heights.

For more information and to begin the upgrade process, please contact our support team at

We are eagerly looking forward to supporting your growth and success with Consent 2.0!

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