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Dynamic schedule using event time in Time Node
Dynamic schedule using event time in Time Node
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Dynamic schedule using event time in Time Node (BETA)

Note: This feature is in BETA. Reach out to your account manager to try it out.

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About Dynamic Scheduling using event time

The event time setting allows you to specify a custom event time as a reference point for introducing delays in your flow. With this setting, profiles are paused from progressing further until conditions associated with the custom event time are met.

For instance, suppose you operate a travel business and wish to send a reminder email to customers 24 hours before their departure date (custom event time). By utilising the event time setting, profiles entering the Time node will remain in the node until 24 hours prior to the specified departure date.

Setting up Dynamic Scheduling using event time


Before configuring dynamic scheduling using event time, ensure that the Listen Node settings in your marketing automation flow is configured to listen for a Custom Event.

Note: The event time setting can only be applied to wait for Custom Event fields with data types defined as either date or timestamp.

To set up dynamic scheduling, follow these steps:

  1. Add a Time Node to the Canvas.

  2. Open the Time node and select Event time.

3. In the dropdown menu, choose Event data.

4. Specify the timing by selecting the appropriate option under When. You can set the time based on hours, days, weeks, months, or years in relation to the event data.

5. Once you have set the desired timing, close the Time Node.

6. Connect the subsequent node to continue the flow.

Don't forget to include an End Flow Node when you have finished.

Use Case

Preparing passengers for a flight departure

Let's have a look at an example flow for an airline.


  1. Set up a flow that sends an Email to the passengers, reminding them to check in.

  2. The Email shall be sent one hour before departure.


  • Set up a Custom Event for the trip.

  • Add a custom event field for the departure and set the field type to either date or timestamp.

Now, let's set up the flow.

1. Set the Listen node to listen to the Custom Event created.

2. Add a Time node to the Canvas.

3. Open the Time node and select Event time.

4. Choose the custom event field that was set up for the departure.

4. In the When dropdown, choose the Before option and set it to 24 hours (as shown in the image above) and close the Time Node.

5. Connect to an Email Node.

6. End with and End Flow Node.

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