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Create a Product Recommendation
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Create a Product Recommendation

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Get the Product Recommendations

If you don't have it already you can buy the Product Recommendations Add-on by reaching out to your Account Manager or send a request buy heading over to Tools in the left menu in the bottom.

Locate the Product Recommendations Add-on and click buy to send a request.

About Product Recommendations

A Product Recommendation asset can be used for an unlimited amount of times, since it will constantly update based on the latest browsing behaviour of your website visitors.

This means you only need to create one asset for the type(s) of recommendations that you want to give. For example, in your website you may want to display recommendations in several pages, but if they're based on the same logic and filters you only need to create it once.

Let's go!

Create a Product Recommendation

1. Head over to the Product Recommendations Tool in the left menu.

2. To get started click Create New Recommendation.

3. Decide which media you want the Product Recommendation to be displayed on - email or on your website.

4. Give the Product Recommendation a Working name.

5. Choose how you want the recommendations to be displayed in the email. Adjust the number of product per row and number of rows.

6. Chose the Section you are working in and click Next.

If you are creating a recommendation for web, also choose the domain you want the recommendations displayed.

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